About August 30, 2010

Hey there, fellow people. I’m a mother, wife, teacher, student, nurse, intuitive, gardener, and general renaissance gal about town. I’ve many and varied interests, but at the end of the day the point of all of them is to learn more about my Self. It is my belief that each and every one of us on this beautiful, crazy planet is here to learn about our Self. And through Self-knowledge we will come to learn about everything else. When I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING.  We are all connected, all one. Whether seen through the lens of quantum physics, metaphysics, or religion the final analysis is the same. There is no separation between anything in creation, just differences in speed, density, and perception. So with that in mind I can extrapolate that since I am a part of a holographic universe that when I know my Self I’ll know a whole damn lot about big-picture Creation and about my Self as a creator.

There are certainly many avenues to pursue when seeking Self-awareness and Self-knowledge. Meditation, reading, allowing many different experiences in life, and interacting with others all offer many opportunities for growth and understanding. One of the best and most direct ways to figuratively shake hands with your Self is to learn about your dreams. We all dream, each and every one of us, every time we sleep whether we consciously remember it or not. Dreams are messages from our inner Selves, our subconscious minds, that tell us exactly where we are in our soul development and offer us beautiful and precise suggestions for where to focus our attention so that we might know our Selves even better.

First thing to know, every single person, place or thing in your dream is YOU. The subconscious mind is the place where all our wisdom is stored and where our intuition comes from. It speaks in pictures. That ex-boyfriend you’re making out with in your dream doesn’t mean that you want to get back together with him in your conscious waking life.  It means that the dream-guy represents a certain aspect of you possessing qualities in common with the real-guy, and your subconscious is asking you to pay attention to it.

I love dreams. I’ve been an avid dreamer since childhood. I still remember a dream in detail that I had at age three. Unfortunately at the time I thought it was just a really horrifying nightmare and didn’t have the wherewithal to fully grasp its meaning. Now I do. I write my dreams down in a notebook by my bedside every single morning and regularly interpret them. I enjoy looking at other people’s dreams even more than my own. Nightmares and recurring dreams are some of my favorites to interpret because they are messages from inner Self that really, really want to be heard.

In my quest to know myself and others (and therefore the Universe and beyond) a little better, I invite you all to send me your dreams. Hopefully we will all understand ourselves and the way the subconscious communicates with us more and more with every interpretation. Happy dreaming!

EMAIL DREAM SUBMISSIONS TO: wealldream@rocketmail.com

disclaimer: unless specifically instructed not to, any submissions sent to me will be considered ok to be used in part or entirety on this website for interpretation and discussion.


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