childhood dream August 31, 2010

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“I’m in the car with my mother, brother and sister (my father was conspicuously absent). We are just driving along, having a good time, and we spot a plane coming in low on the horizon, directly in front of us. At first it’s kind of just a neat thing, this low-flying plane that appears to be coming directly for us. But then, lo and behold, it’s not just APPEARING to come directly for us. It is headed right at our car. It crashed into us headfirst and, when all the chaos and commotion of such an event settles down, I see that my brother and sister and I don’t have a scratch on us, but my mother is riddled with glass. Her entire body seems to have absorbed all the trauma from this whole event and literally every piece of her body is covered and embedded with glass. I start screaming and then I wake up. Oh, one other detail … somehow my mama ended up in the back seat with us, lying on the floorboards; she had, of course, been driving before.”

-Kris S.

First thing is to figure out the main dream symbols.  Symbols are the things that stand out in your memory that you actually saw or experienced first-hand in the dream.  So for example if you knew that your best friend was around somewhere but you never actually saw him/her that person would not technically count as a dream symbol.


car–  any small vehicle like a car, a bicycle, a small boat, a small plane, etc…is a symbol for our physical body, aka the vehicle we are using to maneuver through our life.

mother– parents, teachers, bosses, grandparents, any person in a place of authority or esteemed position such as that are aspects of the superconscious mind.  The mind has three main levels; conscious (our daily, waking experience,) subconscious (where our wisdom, intuition, and permanent understandings are stored,) and the superconscious (the innermost state of mind, that which is closest to the Universal Mind, the highest Self, the divine.)

brother– any person of the opposite sex in your dream represents an aspect of subconscious mind.  So since Kris is female, her brother is an aspect of subconscious mind. A child is a developing aspect of mind. Specifically here her brother is a well-known, developing aspect of the subconscious.  Kris needs to pick at least two adjectives to describe her brother.  That will help show her specifically what characteristics this dream symbol is drawing attention to.

sister– same as brother, but an aspect of conscious mind.

road- path toward goals, direction in life.

airplane– this is a large plane so it is symbolic of an organization of some sort.  Large boats, trains, and planes share this meaning.  The organization could be  school,  church, work, or really any group of people with whom you are aligned in your thinking, possible even a family.

crash– since the accident involves the car, this suggests that there was some sort of disorder of the physical body underway.  Depending upon the state of the car after the impact I wouldn’t be surprised if Kris was getting sick or having some sort of physical symptoms within a few days of having this dream.  Since the airplane was also involved, it may be indicative that there was a change taking place in the organization she was a part of or in her understandings/thinking about said organization.

glass– windows/glass are symbolic of a means for awareness.

body– mental attitudes of the dreamer.

screaming– uncontrolled thoughts. specifically here (since it’s based in fear) showing a certain lack of awareness regarding personal desires.

lying down– a state of assimilation.


At the time Kris had this dream she felt herself moving with ease toward her goals, allowing the function and direction of the physical experience to be guided by superconscious mind.  Before age 7 this is pretty common but can happen any time we’re allowing our higher Self to guide us.   She is traveling through life accompanied by  intimate, developing aspects of conscious and subconscious mind (again, she would need to describe these two in order to more clearly see what parts of Self were being illuminated here.)  She becomes aware of the presence and influence of some organization on her thinking and movement toward her goals.  The crash draws attention to the impact (ha, ha) of this organization on her thinking and suggests a change, albeit likely an uncontrolled change or one without clear purpose or intention, taking place due to her association with the organization.  The mental attitudes Kris held toward her superconscious mind undergo the brunt of this change, and the glass embedded in mom suggests a surge of awareness regarding it.  She screams, indicating a state of uncontrolled thinking.  This is pretty much to be expected since a big adjustment in thoughts/beliefs is taking place without a lot of conscious awareness or intention.   Mom is then lying down in the back seat.  This shows an assimilation of this new way of thinking about superconscious mind.  It’s also important to point out that superconscious mind is no longer in the driver’s seat.  And if the car itself was damaged in the dream then I’m pretty sure Kris got sick within the week of having it.  A cold, the flu,  a broken toe, whatever.   The illness was probably connected to a resistance to this change in thinking or was a by-product of the expansion caused by it.  Fevers are usually related to expansion in some way.   Change isn’t always comfortable, as we all know.

So that’s my two cents.  Feel free to add your own!