turtle September 21, 2010

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l had somehow caught a turtle by a pond and l had him in a cooler and it was trying to get out so to prevent that from happening l swung the cooler around using centrifugal force but while doing that its shell came off, so l have this naked turtle and it turned out to be cooked and looked a lot like a cooked chicken. and that’s about where that part of the story ended, but l was with a gay friend all the while and he wanted to go to a gay bar so l said ok and as we were going into the bar l asked him “how gay is this bar?” and he said don’t worry, there may even be some girls there and to my delight there were some girls there and we ended up having a good time.

-Charles W.


turtle: a habit

pond: conscious life experience

cooler: Place for storing and preserving knowledge

shell: defensive, protective covering for a habit

gay friend: known aspect of conscious mind devoted to finding unity within the conscious mind.

bar: a place where many aspects of Self come together for a common purpose.  if there’s alcohol being served and consumed this would be a place for giving up will power.

girls: unknown aspects of subconscious mind.


Through his association with conscious daily life experiences Charles has discovered a well-protected habit in his thinking.  He grabs it and puts it in a receptacle used to store knowledge, as if the Self is saying a little time is needed before he can truly deal with/assimilate the learning necessary to eliminate this unconscious habit.   Yet the habit does not want to be contained or looked at by the dreamer and tries to escape.  Charles then unwittingly de-shells the turtle through the use of his own force.  Through his attention and desire to understand the habit, the defensive/protective shell is discarded and all of a sudden the turtle is cooked and looks like chicken.  This indicates that once Charles was able to truly see the habit for what it was it changed and became powerless.  Food is knowledge and it transformed into knowledge or at least a semblance of knowledge.  As it is unlikely Charles would want to eat a cooked turtle and in fact doesn’t eat it in this dream suggests that the knowledge presented by this habit is not necessarily valuable or useful to the dreamer, and he can easily let it go and move on.

Once he does,  Charles finds himself with a gay friend going into a bar.  The fact that Charles was concerned with the possibility of girls being there shows that although he is connecting with aspects of conscious mind in a friendly, familiar way that he also has a desire to connect with subconscious mind and finds joy in doing both.  As I mentioned above, the activities in the bar are important to note here.  Are they drinking? Playing games? Dancing? Talking?  Drinking would be giving up will power, and I don’t feel like that’s a likely symbol in this instance.  Games would be about using imagination and creativity in alliance with conscious and subconscious minds.  Dancing would be creating harmony in the thinking with these levels of mind.  And talking would be about communication occurring between levels of mind.

All in all, it seems that through changing and letting go of a habit in the thinking Charles was able to connect with new parts of Self in conscious and subconscious mind.


A Few Recurring Dreams September 14, 2010

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1)  I am going to school (I think High School) and I can not remember my locker combination.

2)  I am in college but I keep missing class… science, philosophy & psychology and I feel anxious cause I need to drop the class by a certain date…I see my teachers and I feel like they are judging me.

-Darlene R.

FYI, I love recurring dreams.  They are messages from the subconscious that have not been heeded and they really want to be heard.  Oftentimes when the message is misconstrued or ignored for a while the subconscious will amp up the message until it becomes what we refer to as a nightmare.   So recurring dreams and nightmares usually hold quite valuable information for the dreamer.

SYMBOLS: #1. high school, locker, lock  #2. college, teachers

#1.  School of any kind is a place to receive knowledge.  The kind of school can offer a little more specific insight.  For example, an elementary school would show learning that’s in the early stages of development.  High school is a place of adolescent learning.  Adolescence is characterized by a sense of growth and experimentation.  There is not yet mastery in the learning.  So whenever Darlene has this dream she is working on learning of some sort that is in the adolescent stage.  A locker is a place to store books, so it can be seen here as a repository for information related to the learning she is undertaking at the time.  A lock is representative of a means for inner security.  Since Darlene is in a place for learning and attempting to gain access to information it seems that there is a limitation in her thinking regarding inner security that is keeping her from receiving what she needs in order to experiment and grow with her thinking.  Perhaps she feels that the new knowledge she is trying to add on to herself or even just opening up to receive it would leave her vulnerable in some way.

#2.  College is a place of higher, expansive learning.  So again Darlene is in a place where learning is available yet she is missing class and wants to drop a class.  It’s interesting to note that all the classes she mentions have to do with the inner workings of the human mind, body, and soul.  There is an unwillingness to engage in the potential learning that is accessible to her.  Teachers are aspects of our superconscious mind.  They are elements of our Higher Self.  So Darlene avoids the learning in front of her and then feels judged by her superconscious mind.  The subconscious and superconscious are never negative, but they can reflect things back at us about our thinking that may be.  It appears that Darlene recognizes that she is avoiding something that her Self needs in order to grow and subsequently feels anxiety and guilt about it and feels she is letting down her Higher Self.  She is judging herself.

Both of these dreams reflect a habit in the thinking regarding receiving and assimilating new knowledge and understandings.  It might help Darlene to meditate on what it is that triggers a fear of losing inner security if she accepts the learning in front of her and allows her thinking to change and evolve.


Teeth September 10, 2010

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I think most of us have had a dream where something weird was going on with our teeth.  I’ve heard people tell about teeth falling out, pulling teeth, and when I have this dream my teeth tend to crumble apart in my mouth and come out in pieces.  It’s pretty gross and disturbing, for sure.  But, as usual, when looked at through the Universal Language of Mind (aka symbolic subconscious dream-speak) it takes on a new dimension.  Teeth in the dream world signify assimilation of knowledge.   No knowledge we receive can be properly used if it’s not assimilated first.  So when teeth are coming out or shifting in the mouth, etc…this is indicative of a change in how we assimilate knowledge, which is probably a good thing.  When you have your teeth dream look at what’s been taking place in your life over the previous 2 or 3 days.  Most likely you will find some new knowledge or understanding has been presented to you that demands an upgrade in your thinking.


swimming pool September 5, 2010

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So the dream last night was at a swimming pool.  I was waiting for my turn to swim laps in the lap pool at the Y but the lanes were all full.  So I went to another pool that had several diving boards of all heights and lengths.  one diving board i got on was about 2 feet away from the water so i got off it because I was afraid to dive that far without hitting pavement.  the other diving board was literally hanging over the water and practically touching the water when I’d stand on the end of it. then at one point I decided if I went to edge of the pool away from the diving boards I could swim my laps but when I did a German Shepherd wearing swimming goggles jumped in. He didn’t know what to do so I helped him get out of the pool!

-Michelle R.



swimming pool– water in any form is representative of our conscious, daily life experiences

the Y- Any public building is a place in mind where many aspects of Self  come together for a common purpose

diving boards– tools for moving into different states of consciousness (here from subconscious mind into conscious)

pavement– usually made out of stone, concrete, whatever, and stone/rocks represent will power

german shepherd– animals represent habits in our thinking

goggles– tools to protect or enhance our sense of perception


The swimming pools are places to purposefully give the Self conscious life experiences.  In this dream Michelle is feeling unable to fully engage in her daily, waking life even though she exhibits a desire and drive to do so.   The Y is a place in mind where many aspects come together for a common cause, in this case for athletics, physical conditioning, etc…Sports in dreams show us how we approach our lives and the physical body represents mental attitudes we hold.  Team sports show a certain competitive consciousness (with our Selves &/or with others) and solitary sports (like swimming, for one) show a tendency for being Self-directed.  This leads me to believe that in this instance the dreamer is being shown a place in mind concerned with being Self-directed in the thinking as well as the need to receive /experience more fully in the conscious waking life.  Michelle experiences fear regarding hitting the pavement while standing on the diving board.  There is a limitation and Self-doubt in the thinking here that allows a belief that even if she tries she won’t be able to participate in conscious experiences.  She’s afraid instead she’ll fall flat on her will power, which feels obstructive and in the way, and that she won’t be able to actually cause herself to experience anything in conscious mind.   Also, many strangers are swimming in the lanes and there’s no room for Michelle.  The strangers are all aspects of Self already fully engaged in Self-directed activities in conscious life experience.  They are maneuvering well in the water, not flailing or drowning or having any difficulties, and this shows that many parts of Michelle are fully adept and focused in the daily, waking life without feeling overwhelmed by what’s experienced.

Next Michelle encounters a dog.  All animals and insects represent habits.  Habits are neither good nor bad, but if we are to truly know our Selves we probably want to eliminate all unconscious thinking.  Shine a light on the unconscious habit and if the pattern you find is beneficial then consciously choose to think/believe/feel that way.  If it’s detrimental or neutral you may want to chuck it and try something else.  Michelle may have a strong feeling about German Shepherds and would have to determine what they mean to her. For example, I grew up with an amazing German Shepherd for a pet and they are one of my favorite breeds.  If I had one in a dream it would represent a habit I was deeply attached to and felt was protecting me in some way.  My childhood best friend who had been bitten by a dog when very young would probably consider the same symbol to be indicative of a threatening or destructive habit of some sort.  Every individual is unique and ultimately is the only one who can really determine the meaning of their own dream symbols.

The dog is wearing goggles.  This calls attention to the fact that the habit has something to do with Michelle’s state of perception.  I would guess that in this case the goggles are symbolic of a certain habit of protectiveness the dreamer maintains in regards to what she experiences in her waking daily life.  And the dog does not maneuver well in conscious life experience and feels lost and confused.  Instead of focusing on gaining her own experiences in conscious mind and daily life (i.e. finding a way into the pool and doing laps), Michelle is devoting her time and attention to protecting a habit that is likely limiting her in her experience of conscious life.