swimming pool September 5, 2010

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So the dream last night was at a swimming pool.  I was waiting for my turn to swim laps in the lap pool at the Y but the lanes were all full.  So I went to another pool that had several diving boards of all heights and lengths.  one diving board i got on was about 2 feet away from the water so i got off it because I was afraid to dive that far without hitting pavement.  the other diving board was literally hanging over the water and practically touching the water when I’d stand on the end of it. then at one point I decided if I went to edge of the pool away from the diving boards I could swim my laps but when I did a German Shepherd wearing swimming goggles jumped in. He didn’t know what to do so I helped him get out of the pool!

-Michelle R.



swimming pool– water in any form is representative of our conscious, daily life experiences

the Y- Any public building is a place in mind where many aspects of Self  come together for a common purpose

diving boards– tools for moving into different states of consciousness (here from subconscious mind into conscious)

pavement– usually made out of stone, concrete, whatever, and stone/rocks represent will power

german shepherd– animals represent habits in our thinking

goggles– tools to protect or enhance our sense of perception


The swimming pools are places to purposefully give the Self conscious life experiences.  In this dream Michelle is feeling unable to fully engage in her daily, waking life even though she exhibits a desire and drive to do so.   The Y is a place in mind where many aspects come together for a common cause, in this case for athletics, physical conditioning, etc…Sports in dreams show us how we approach our lives and the physical body represents mental attitudes we hold.  Team sports show a certain competitive consciousness (with our Selves &/or with others) and solitary sports (like swimming, for one) show a tendency for being Self-directed.  This leads me to believe that in this instance the dreamer is being shown a place in mind concerned with being Self-directed in the thinking as well as the need to receive /experience more fully in the conscious waking life.  Michelle experiences fear regarding hitting the pavement while standing on the diving board.  There is a limitation and Self-doubt in the thinking here that allows a belief that even if she tries she won’t be able to participate in conscious experiences.  She’s afraid instead she’ll fall flat on her will power, which feels obstructive and in the way, and that she won’t be able to actually cause herself to experience anything in conscious mind.   Also, many strangers are swimming in the lanes and there’s no room for Michelle.  The strangers are all aspects of Self already fully engaged in Self-directed activities in conscious life experience.  They are maneuvering well in the water, not flailing or drowning or having any difficulties, and this shows that many parts of Michelle are fully adept and focused in the daily, waking life without feeling overwhelmed by what’s experienced.

Next Michelle encounters a dog.  All animals and insects represent habits.  Habits are neither good nor bad, but if we are to truly know our Selves we probably want to eliminate all unconscious thinking.  Shine a light on the unconscious habit and if the pattern you find is beneficial then consciously choose to think/believe/feel that way.  If it’s detrimental or neutral you may want to chuck it and try something else.  Michelle may have a strong feeling about German Shepherds and would have to determine what they mean to her. For example, I grew up with an amazing German Shepherd for a pet and they are one of my favorite breeds.  If I had one in a dream it would represent a habit I was deeply attached to and felt was protecting me in some way.  My childhood best friend who had been bitten by a dog when very young would probably consider the same symbol to be indicative of a threatening or destructive habit of some sort.  Every individual is unique and ultimately is the only one who can really determine the meaning of their own dream symbols.

The dog is wearing goggles.  This calls attention to the fact that the habit has something to do with Michelle’s state of perception.  I would guess that in this case the goggles are symbolic of a certain habit of protectiveness the dreamer maintains in regards to what she experiences in her waking daily life.  And the dog does not maneuver well in conscious life experience and feels lost and confused.  Instead of focusing on gaining her own experiences in conscious mind and daily life (i.e. finding a way into the pool and doing laps), Michelle is devoting her time and attention to protecting a habit that is likely limiting her in her experience of conscious life.


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