Teeth September 10, 2010

Filed under: Dream Interpretation,Intuition,Metaphysics — Jenny Turkyilmaz @ 11:33

I think most of us have had a dream where something weird was going on with our teeth.  I’ve heard people tell about teeth falling out, pulling teeth, and when I have this dream my teeth tend to crumble apart in my mouth and come out in pieces.  It’s pretty gross and disturbing, for sure.  But, as usual, when looked at through the Universal Language of Mind (aka symbolic subconscious dream-speak) it takes on a new dimension.  Teeth in the dream world signify assimilation of knowledge.   No knowledge we receive can be properly used if it’s not assimilated first.  So when teeth are coming out or shifting in the mouth, etc…this is indicative of a change in how we assimilate knowledge, which is probably a good thing.  When you have your teeth dream look at what’s been taking place in your life over the previous 2 or 3 days.  Most likely you will find some new knowledge or understanding has been presented to you that demands an upgrade in your thinking.


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