turtle September 21, 2010

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l had somehow caught a turtle by a pond and l had him in a cooler and it was trying to get out so to prevent that from happening l swung the cooler around using centrifugal force but while doing that its shell came off, so l have this naked turtle and it turned out to be cooked and looked a lot like a cooked chicken. and that’s about where that part of the story ended, but l was with a gay friend all the while and he wanted to go to a gay bar so l said ok and as we were going into the bar l asked him “how gay is this bar?” and he said don’t worry, there may even be some girls there and to my delight there were some girls there and we ended up having a good time.

-Charles W.


turtle: a habit

pond: conscious life experience

cooler: Place for storing and preserving knowledge

shell: defensive, protective covering for a habit

gay friend: known aspect of conscious mind devoted to finding unity within the conscious mind.

bar: a place where many aspects of Self come together for a common purpose.  if there’s alcohol being served and consumed this would be a place for giving up will power.

girls: unknown aspects of subconscious mind.


Through his association with conscious daily life experiences Charles has discovered a well-protected habit in his thinking.  He grabs it and puts it in a receptacle used to store knowledge, as if the Self is saying a little time is needed before he can truly deal with/assimilate the learning necessary to eliminate this unconscious habit.   Yet the habit does not want to be contained or looked at by the dreamer and tries to escape.  Charles then unwittingly de-shells the turtle through the use of his own force.  Through his attention and desire to understand the habit, the defensive/protective shell is discarded and all of a sudden the turtle is cooked and looks like chicken.  This indicates that once Charles was able to truly see the habit for what it was it changed and became powerless.  Food is knowledge and it transformed into knowledge or at least a semblance of knowledge.  As it is unlikely Charles would want to eat a cooked turtle and in fact doesn’t eat it in this dream suggests that the knowledge presented by this habit is not necessarily valuable or useful to the dreamer, and he can easily let it go and move on.

Once he does,  Charles finds himself with a gay friend going into a bar.  The fact that Charles was concerned with the possibility of girls being there shows that although he is connecting with aspects of conscious mind in a friendly, familiar way that he also has a desire to connect with subconscious mind and finds joy in doing both.  As I mentioned above, the activities in the bar are important to note here.  Are they drinking? Playing games? Dancing? Talking?  Drinking would be giving up will power, and I don’t feel like that’s a likely symbol in this instance.  Games would be about using imagination and creativity in alliance with conscious and subconscious minds.  Dancing would be creating harmony in the thinking with these levels of mind.  And talking would be about communication occurring between levels of mind.

All in all, it seems that through changing and letting go of a habit in the thinking Charles was able to connect with new parts of Self in conscious and subconscious mind.


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