museum October 27, 2010

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I dreamt of the most amazing art museum with a fake symphony space but a real 100 piece orchestra, and many, many cool art exhibits. Unfortunately I couldn’t stay to enjoy it because I had told my old design studio I would come in and work for them and I was running late. How long, I wonder, will I continue to dream that I work there (it’s been at least 3.5 years now)???

-David H.


art museum, orchestra, the number 100, art exhibits, old job

art museum– a place in mind where many parts of mind come together for the common purpose of creation and visualization.

orchestra- aspects of Self coming together to create harmony of mind

the number 100- contains the numbers for individuality and the power of unity

art exhibits- manifestations of visualization, the dreamer’s creations

old job- place for adult productivity.  since he used to work in a design studio it has to do with creation and visualization, as well.


The dreamer is exploring a wonderful place in mind that is expansive and full of new creations and manifestations.  He is actively experiencing harmony in his thinking regarding his powers of creation, visualization and manifestation in his life.  He appears to be learning the power of his Self as an individual entity as well as the power that comes from uniting parts of mind and having many aspects of Self working together to a creative end.  The conflict perceived in his thinking becomes evident as he is pulled out of this fantastic, enjoyable creative environment and returns to his old job.  Since the old job is recurring in his dreams for some 3.5 years now, I would definitely assert that there is an important message waiting to be received.  A job in dream-land indicates how we are being productive in our thinking.  Adult productivity assumes that we are putting out more than we are taking in.  It also assumes a certain level of mastery in the thinking.  The fact that he is going back to this place in mind again and again indicates that he is missing a message about how he is creating productivity in his life in order to promote his growth and learning and add on to his permanent understandings.  What specifically is he doing at the job? How does he feel about it? Perhaps he is not fully in harmony with aspects associated with that job or with the responsibilities expected of him there.  Next time he dreams about his old job I would recommend paying close attention to specific activities taking place there and how he feels about them.  People he encounters, too.  Running late suggests that there’s a sense of urgency in the Self in receiving the messages/understandings being offered through the dreamer’s experiences.  I guarantee that if the dreamer pays special attention to the specifics of his ‘old work dreams’ that he will get a clue as to what understanding he hasn’t fully assimilated.  Once he does the implied promise in this dream is that the big museum full of creative, harmonious activity will be his for the taking, and he will be open to a new phase in his life as a creator.