dogs, etc… November 13, 2010

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What does it mean when you dream all night about a HUGE brown dog (think mastiff) that follows you everywhere. Even tries to break out the car window to get inside as you are trying to drive off and lose him! He won’t leave me! Wraps his body around me with all 4 legs and won’t let go. He loves me! There also were some young salesmen in underwear in a new underwear shop for men. All the girls were lining up to go see them at work! A woman fell down some stairs and bloodied her face and no one would help her.

-Michele C.


dog-a habit in the thinking

car-the physical body

window-a means for awareness

legs- freedom of movement in regards to creativity

salesman-an aspect of self in subconscious mind having to do with the giving, receiving, and assessment of value

underwear-clothing represents how we allow ourselves to be seen; our outward expression

nudity-open, honest self-expression

shop-a place to receive and assess value

girls-unknown aspects of conscious mind

fall-moving towards conscious awareness rom a ‘higher’ level of mind

blood-life force

face-the dreamer’s identity


The dreamer is aware of a large and persistent habit that is dogging her in her thinking (ha ha.)  She is attempting to eliminate it but is finding it difficult to break free.  The habit is so persistent that it breaks the window of the car in pursuit of the dreamer.  The car is the dreamer’s physical body and the car window represents a means for awareness in regards to the physical expression.  This habit most likely has something to do with the physical body.  The dog then wraps its legs around her and won’t let her go.  This suggests to me that although the habit seems affectionate and unthreatening that it is creating a limitation in the freedom of creative movement for the dreamer.

Next the dreamer finds herself in an underwear shop with salesmen wearing the aforementioned underwear.    The salesmen are unknown subconscious aspects of Self involved with the movement and assessment of value.  They are not totally nude but are just wearing underwear.  Clothing in dreams sheds a light on how we express ourselves outwardly, what we allow of ourselves to be seen by others.  Underwear leaves us mostly naked and implies a very open, honest expression of Self.  This dreamer is likely allowing parts of her subconscious mind to be seen and expressed quite honestly in her waking life.  The girls are unknown conscious aspects of Self coming to appreciate and admire these aspects of subconscious mind.  This implies that there is a coming together of levels of mind and that the conscious mind sees the beauty and value of this open, honest Self-expression in the subconscious.

Then a woman falls down the stairs.  She is representative of another unknown aspect of conscious mind.  Stairs are a means of moving between levels of mind.  Falling suggests a rapid descent into conscious mind from a higher level (subconscious or superconscious. Likely subconscious here.)  She falls down into conscious mind and finds herself with blood all over her face.  The blood represents life force, the energizing power that sustains all life.  The face is the dreamer’s identity.  So after these many unknown aspects of conscious and subconscious mind come together in all their glorious semi-nudity and appreciation of such, the dreamer is able to see that there is some loss of life force occurring in regards to her identity and how she expresses her Self in the conscious level of mind.  In the conscious mind are her thoughts truly aligned with her actions and words? Is she thinking one way and expressing in another?  There is a misalignment in the expression of the conscious Self that’s being illuminated here, and the maintenance of this misalignment is causing a loss of vital energy to the dreamer.  Maybe the dog from the first part of the dream is a habit in the way the dreamer expresses Self in the conscious realm.  It seems relatively benign, but it is in fact leaching enough energy away from the dreamer as to limit her creative potential.