bugs in hair January 1, 2011

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I was dreaming that I had these red bumps on my scalp. My hair was much thinner than it actually is, so the bumps were noticeable. Then I saw a small bug crawling on my head.  I was thinking in my dream “maybe I have lice”, but then I saw a sliverfishy looking bug crawling on my scalp, but it was brown, not silver. I wasn’t freaked out, just couldn’t get the bug off me.

-Julie P.


red bumps– skin eruptions of any kind represent an attitude of worry about whether or not others accept your personality/outward expression

scalp– the head represents how you reason

hair– symbolizes conscious thoughts

bug– all animals and insects represent habits in our thinking


This dream shows the dreamer becoming aware of some limitations in her thinking.  Her hair was thinner than usual so she was probably using some sort of mental discipline in the time around this dream that allowed her to “thin out” some of her busy conscious thoughts and allowed her to see what was hiding behind them.  In this case she notices red bumps and bugs.  At first glance these may appear to be negative symbols in some way but in fact these images are gifts of self-awareness given to her through her still mind.  She now is able to see an attitude of insecurity she possesses regarding how she is perceived by others and a fear of rejection of her unique personality and expression.  This attitude arose from a faulty, unproductive habit in her reasoning.  At first she thinks the bug might be lice, an insect that sucks blood (aka life force energy in dreamspeak) from people, but it is actually something else that seems gross and irritating, to be sure, but does not unduly upset her.  This indicates to me that once she actually sees the habit leading to this attitude of worry that it shows itself to be mostly just pesky as opposed to horrifying or even especially harmful.  The challenge  is to figure out how to eliminate the habit.  Now that she is aware of this limitation in her thinking, continuing to still the mind through concentration exercises and/or meditation as well as simply paying attention to her dreams every day could certainly help her to release it.


2 Responses to “bugs in hair”

  1. Noel Says:

    I had a similar dream, I had a dream that I was trying to get ready for class (in the dream I was in college even though I am not) and when I went into the bathroom I noticed little brown bugs coming from my hairline, and they wouldn’t stop!! I freaked out and called for help….then I woke up.

    • bathrooms in dreams indicate a state mind conducive to purification. seems that at the time of this dream you were ready and able to ‘cleanse’ and update your thinking and this attitude allowed you to see many little habits in your thinking you’d probably not been aware of before.

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