gender switcheroo January 6, 2011

Filed under: Dream Interpretation,Intuition,Metaphysics — Jenny Turkyilmaz @ 12:42

I dreamed my friend Molly was really a man (she showed me her penis under her skirt to prove it) and that (s)he and her husband are really gay lovers and they adopted their two children.  I did not actually see the kids or the husband, just Molly.

-Stephanie M.


Molly-represents a well-known, kind, and generous (as described by the dreamer in a follow-up conversation) aspect of the dreamer’s conscious self.

penis-representative of the male, aggressive principal

nudity– open, honest self-expression

skirt– clothing represents how we choose to present ourselves to the outside world.


In this short yet interesting dream, the dreamer connects with a well-known, kind, and generous aspect of what she believes to be conscious self, aka Molly.   She reveals her penis (aka male, aggressive principle) from under her skirt. By being open and honest with self-expression Molly shows that she is really an aspect of subconscious mind and is strongly associated with the male principle.  The skirt shows that the dreamer identifies with the conscious mind and feminine, receptive qualities in daily life.  It’s how she presents herself to the world.  Molly then explains that s/he is not really married to her husband, but that they are gay lovers. (Since the husband and kids aren’t actually seen in the dream they don’t classify as actual dream symbols, but they still color the meaning of the dream.)  What this aspect is saying is that the committed relationship between conscious and subconscious minds that is symbolized by marriage in a dream and whose purpose is to create a whole, unified, functioning self is actually not present in the thinking of the dreamer at the present time.  Instead there is a strong relationship between two aspects of subconscious mind which does not help create unity of mind for the dreamer.  Then Molly reveals that the son and daughter they share are not actually their own but are adopted.  What the dreamer is learning here is that by not connecting fully to subconscious mind, or possibly by having trouble differentiating between subconscious and conscious experiences, she is not really able to claim these new developing ideas (the kids) in the conscious and subconscious minds as her own.   The dreamer may want to reflect on her relationship with subconscious mind, what she understands it to be, and how she experiences it in her life and also how she experiences/accepts/rejects/uses the aggressive male principle.


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