sister February 6, 2011

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I dreamt that I was meeting at a grocery with my sister (who I don’t have) and officials over my chronically ill dad.  While I was cleaning up a mess he had made, my sis started selling her art.  I went to tell my ride I’d be awhile and saw my old boss take a parking spot he won’t be able to get out of in a green sports car.  My sister took off with me on her stilts and I tried to explain that I wasn’t done yet and needed to go back.  She had to go around a big city block (apparently you need room to turn around) and kept walking me into colorful Fall foliage.  I was pissed that I was going to fall off and hurt myself even though she said all I had to do was roll. Upon returning to the grocery, my sister had become so successful with her art that she had a counter in a side store and was selling these cool letterpress prints hands over fist.  We watched home movies in which she did Beetlejuice type performance art where she jumped into a turdworm suit. I was glad sis finally found her way.

-David H.


grocery store-a state of mind for procuring, receiving knowledge

sister-a well-known aspect of subconscious mind

officials-likely represent disciplined aspects of mind in this dream

mess-disordered thinking

art-creative imaging

old boss-a known aspect of superconscious mind

parking lot-a place for physical rest/healing

car-the physical body

stilts-how the dreamer’s spiritual foundation creates forward motion in the life

fall foliage-fall symbolizes the completion of creation; moving into mastery and preparing for a new cycle of learning. foliage is subconscious mind substance

city-a state of mind where many aspects of self come together

letterpress prints-creative imaging


turdworm suit-didn’t think this one was a symbol, huh? wrong. any clothing/costume in a dream represents how we chooses to present ourselves to the world. this represents an attitude held by the dreamer about how he appears to others.


David meets his sister in a grocery store.  He is connecting with a well-known aspect of his subconscious mind as well as several aspects of conscious mind related to discipline in the thinking.  They are in this place of knowledge to discuss his ailing father.  Parents in dreams are aspects of superconscious mind.  The fact that David’s father is ill shows us that David holds certain unproductive attitudes about his highest Self.  His father has made a mess which further illustrates unproductive, disorganized attitudes/thoughts that the dreamer holds regarding his inner authority.  Yet he cleans up the mess, which implies  he is taking steps to organize his thinking and eliminate certain attitudes that are no longer needed.  As he is doing this his subconscious mind is busy assessing the value of the fruits of her creative imaging.  By eliminating the unneeded attitudes and organizing the thinking David is able to connect with the value of his creative mind.

Next he sees his old boss parking a green sports car in the parking lot.  David needs to write down two or three adjectives with which he would describe this man, and it will assist him in understanding specifically what aspect of self he is looking at here.  Remember, subconscious and superconscious aspects are never negative.  If they are represented by people whom we perceive as being negative in some way, they are simply offering insight into the negative attitudes we possess that are perhaps creating a division of mind or creating dis-harmony in the mind.  At any rate, we know that the boss represents a superconscious aspect, and he is putting the physical body into a state of rest that the dreamer believes he won’t be able to get out of.  Perhaps David has a resistance to allowing himself physical rest or a place in mind conducive to physical healing.  Why exactly may be something he’d like to explore.  It may have something to do with his disconnect from superconscious mind and the unproductive attitudes he holds about it.

Then his subconscious aspect takes him on a pair of stilts.  At first I thought this might be another symbol for the physical body as they are tools for moving through life in order to receive experiences, just like a car, bike, small boat or plane.  Yet they also possess some similarities to shoes in the way they are worn on the feet.  Perhaps they represent both.  They are definitely a way to move toward goals, intimately connected to spiritual foundation (feet), and they demand a great deal of balance to be properly utilized.  I’ll suggest that by connecting with his sister (aspect of subconscious mind) that David is able to move in a balanced way toward goals and experiences with the awareness of an underpinning of spiritual beliefs and understandings.  He is fearful of falling, aka dropping down into a lower level of consciousness, but the subconscious tells him there’s nothing to fear, that he can easily handle the fall by rolling, by being flexible.  She takes him into fall foliage, showing him that he has some mastery in the subconscious mind, the part of mind where his permanent understandings and intuition reside.   This also implies that he is ready to begin a new cycle of growth for he’s reached a new level in understanding.

Back to the place for receiving knowledge, and the subconscious is now fully receiving the value of her creative imaging.  Then they watch movies, representative of how the dreamer uses his imagination, and the subconscious aspect shows David how he uses his imagination in creating the image of self he presents to the outside world.  The fact that it’s a Beetlejuice-esque turdworm costume implies that he may want to rethink his attitudes about his subconscious, how he is perceived by others, and how he wants to be perceived by others.  A misuse of the imagination is hinted at here.  He seems to downplay the mastery, the capacity for creation, & the value that he already has in the subconcious.  This may very well be the area in which the new cycle of growth will be focused; recieving self-value for the understandings and capacities already possessed.

What an awesome, informative dream.  David obviously has a great capacity for creative imaging in the subconscious mind.  Examining his relationship with his inner authority, the superconscious, may be beneficial as well as exploring how he chooses to present himself to the world.


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