big horse February 7, 2011

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There are four of us. Me. Mitch and a boy and a girl. Mitch is a friend of mine who lives in Austin. The children have no distinct features. We are on a journey. Mitch seems to know the path we should take. He is walking. I am riding a bicycle with the children. The path makes many turns and changes in elevation and terrain. We come to a high mountain. I can see the path switching back and forth up the mountain. I say I am not going to be able to ride up that. We will have to walk. And rest as often as the children need to. Mitch says that won’t be necessary. I look to our left and there is a stable with horses. Mitch knows the people of the stable. He talks to them for a few minutes and returns and says to pick out the one I want. I ask, only one. He says he will walk, the horse is for me and the kids. He asks if I am comfortable riding a horse. I say, of course. I look over five or six horses and then see a large pinto in a corral by himself. I ask if we can have that one. The stable man says yes, just let him loose when we reach out destination and he will return home. The pinto is saddled and brought to the street. Up close I realize he is the biggest horse I have ever seen. The stable man asks if I am comfortable with him. I rub the pinto’s neck and say yes. The pinto feels soft and smooth and strong.. I start to mount and see that his withers are even with my head. I grab hold of the saddle and hop a few times and jump up. I get my right leg half way over his back and as much as I struggle I can’t get any farther. I ask Mitch to put my left foot in the stirrup. He does. Somehow my right foot is now caught between my left leg and the horse. I try to pull my right foot free when the saddle begins to slip toward me. Mitch tries to push me onto the horse. The saddle splits in two and Mitch and I end up in a heap on the ground. The children laugh. The horse prances around nervously. I keep a grip on the rein. Through I am embarrassed, I see the humor as I see the look on Mitch’s face and laugh. The stable man comes to get the horse. Says it will take at least an hour maybe two to get another saddle. We go to a café to get something to eat. When we enter the café there is a long table to the right of the door. There are several men and boys eating breakfast. One of the boys is saying, no hugging and no telling me what to do. Mitch stops and says, that’s not how it works. The kid says, it does now.  Mitch says, we’ll see about that. The four of us sit at a table. We are looking at menus. Mitch gets up and approaches the boy and asks if he wants to join us. The kid says just because you are my father doesn’t mean I have to do what you say. One of the men at the table says, yes it does. There is general discussion about that, men and boys contributing, talking over each other. I wake up.



Mitch– a known aspect of conscious mind described by J.B. as being smart & creative

boy– unknown developing aspect of conscious mind

girl– unknown developing aspect of subconscious mind

path– means to reach goals

walking– mental motion toward reaching goals

bicycle– the physical body, being used with great balance

mountain– obstacle

left– the direction left is related to memory, the past

horses– when they are to be ridden they represent will power. when not, they are habits related to use of will power.

stable man– unknown conscious aspect related to use of willpower

saddle/reins– tools for directing and using will power

cafe-place to receive knowledge

table-support for receiving knowledge

men/boys-unknown aspects of conscious mind. (Men are mature aspects. Boys are new and developing aspects)

menu-knowledge available to the dreamer

father-superconscious aspect, inner authority


J.B., Mitch, and the two developing aspects of conscious and subconscious mind are traveling together. Btw, the number four is the number of balance, a symbol that is reiterated here since the dreamer is on a bicycle.  He is using balance in his thinking and in his physical body to move toward his goals at the present moment.  The four people are moving together toward these goals up a winding path.  This implies that the way to fulfillment of J.B.s goal(s) is not necessarily simple or straightforward.   He relies upon Mitch, the well-known, smart, and creative aspect of self, to direct him as the going gets tough.  The path presents an obstacle to J. B. (the mountain), and he realizes that in order to be successful he needs to change how he approaches things.  He suggests that perhaps he should rely upon his mental motion in order to accomplish what he’s set out to do.  The smart and creative aspect informs him of an even better way and takes him to get a horse.  J.B. looks to his left, aka he looks to his past memories, and finds a reserve of potential will power there.  J.B. then connects with the stable man, an aspect of conscious mind heretofore unknown who deals exclusively with the care and maintenance of these representations of will power.   The large, strong horse that J.B. chooses shows us that he has great potential and high aspirations regarding the use of his will power.  He is unafraid and confident that he can use and direct it as he wants yet he finds the task to be a bit more daunting than he had anticipated.   Attempting to put his right foot and leg over the horse is not working for him.  Right is representative of looking forward to the future, productively creating, and being in alignment with Universal Law .  The feet represent spiritual foundation and legs represent how we move toward our creative goals.  J.B. again calls upon the smart/creative part of conscious mind in order to use the will power.  He gets his left foot (memories/past/spiritual foundation) into the stirrup but cannot make the forward-looking right side of the body work as he wants it to.  This suggests to me that J.B. is a bit stuck in old ways of thinking regarding will power and how he is going to create movement toward his goals.  Perhaps there is a reliance on or comfort in doing things the way he’s always done them that is no longer serving him well.  They laugh together, however, which shows an understanding of proper perspective.  He sees his limitation but it’s not the end of the world.  Instead of being upset or discouraged he goes to a cafe, a place to receive knowledge and understanding.  This is the proper perspective at work.  If you are stuck in an outdated, unproductive way of thinking, it’s probably a good time to learn a new way to look at things.  At the restaurant he connects with many unknown mature and developing aspects of conscious mind, all already receiving knowledge (food).  One of the developing aspects is acting a bit rebellious which in dream language is synonymous with being stuck in a way of thinking or stubbornly holding onto an unproductive thought or pattern of thinking. The four sit down, preparing to receive knowledge, and are looking at menus .  This suggests a certain level of reasoning and discernment in choosing the knowledge to be received.  The boy continues to rebel and states that Mitch is in fact his father.  This elevates Mitch to superconscious status.  He is, in fact, an aspect of J.B.’s highest self, his inner authority.  After this becomes known, open communication begins  between all the different aspects of self.

J.B. is certainly moving toward goals in the life and learning about will power and how to access and use it in order to meet the challenges before him.  He is likely stuck in some old ways of thinking, hanging onto the past in some way, that are impeding him in fully utilizing his will power as he wants to.  However he has a grasp of proper perspective and is ready and willing to receive new knowledge.  Through this expansive and seeking attitude he comes to realize that he is in fact in good communication with his highest self, his superconscious.  He has been perhaps mistaking communication with superconscious as something initiated from the conscious mind.  Once he realizes he is connected to superconscious mind, it becomes clear that some new, developing aspect of conscious mind is resisting connection with the superconscious and accepting it’s authority.  This understanding triggers the many new and unknown aspects of conscious mind to engage in free and open discourse about the value of information and direction coming from superconscious and perhaps even about how this might impact the idea of free will (which we all have).


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