lotsa animals! February 8, 2011

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In my dream I was walking a toddler (girl) and a young mother to the car – they were going home after a visit.  They were catching a plane and needed to be on time.  It was dark outside, nighttime. As we were walking to the car, we saw a squirrel running from a dog – they ran past us with the dog hot on the squirrels heels.  Then out of nowhere, a bobcat was chasing after the dog and squirrel. They all ran around the side of the house to the back. We continued to walk toward the car, and put the child in the car and closed the door, but suddenly a raccoon came racing around the other side of the house toward the car – and right behind him, chasing him, was a wolf, the dog and the bobcat.  All were trying to get the raccoon.  The wolf pounded on the raccoon and killed it – and the other animals pounced on the body and they all started to eat it.  it was a pretty bloody mess, very violent.  They were blocking our path to the car.  I started to try to go around to get to the other side of the car, because the child in the car was crying and we needed to get to her – but when I started in that direction, the dog barked out a warning.  I understood the warning to be – don’t come near us while we are eating the animals, they will turn on you. So, we stayed back waiting, watching the baby cry – and then I woke up.

-Kristy G.


baby girl-a new, developing aspect of conscious mind

mother-an aspect of superconscious mind

car-the physical body

nighttime-a lack of awareness

animals-habits in the thinking/unconscious thought patterns

house-the dreamer’s mind

killing-change occurring within the dreamer

blood-life force energy

violence-destructive thoughts

eating-receiving knowledge


In this dream Kristy is connecting with an aspect of superconscious mind and a new, developing aspect of conscious mind.  It is nighttime, so a certain lack of awareness in the thinking is being highlighted here.   Many different animals arrive showing that the dreamer had many habits in the thinking at the time she had this dream.   They are all running which indicates rapid mental motion, aka a racing mind.  The developing aspect is put into the car, implying that this new attitude or belief has something to do with the physical body.  Even more habits make themselves known at this point and they prove themselves to be destructive in nature.  A change takes place in one of the habits due to the destructive thoughts associated with the other habits.  Life force energy is lost.   Some knowledge is being received by the dreamer through the change that was forced in this habit.  All of this takes place outside near and around a house, suggesting that all these habits are related to Kristy’s subconscious mind.  The habits prevent Kristy and her superconscious aspect from connecting to the physical body, and the developing aspect in the car is in emotional disharmony with what has taken place.

Kristy may want to look at what was going on in her life in the days before this dream and see if she was feeling a certain disconnect from her physical expression.  She may have even felt especially physically drained due to a loss in life force.  At the time of this dream Kristy was at the mercy of many unconscious patterns of thinking.  I would suggest that she think about her understandings regarding her subconscious mind and would recommend that she try sitting in meditation for 15 minutes a day in order to still the mind and allow a greater level of communication between levels of mind.


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