Shura February 22, 2011

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There was a sequence of rooms in a row with doors in and out of each.  I had walked through the shura room, which had a dirt floor and a circle of men in traditional garb conducting their shura.  They smiled at me and waved at me, parting a way for me to pass through.  It was very peaceful. I walked through the doorway into a regular room of soldiers.  A big cluster.  I turned to one Marine who was in his gear and had something pink, like a tshirt under his camo, or a scarf around his neck and tucked in making a vee. I turned to him and he leaned in to be able to hear me.  I asked him to say hello to my friend Jennifer from Julia.  He grinned and nodded and was agreeing when his eyes looked up beyond me.  I felt arms wrapping around me from behind, and smelled that it was her as she pulled me back into her.  She laid  her chin on my head, and I purred.  There was more to it after that, I think she took my hand and was leading me into the next room.  And then I woke up.

-Julia A.


rooms-places in mind; where attention is being focused in the waking life

doors-means to move into different states of consciousness and places in mind

shura-(way pre-Islamic Arabic tribes made social/political decisions) a place in mind having to do with making decisions and determining course of action

men-in this instance these men represent aspects of superconscious mind; inner authority

soldiers-disciplined aspects of subconscious

clothing-how the dreamer presents self to the outside world

arms-purposeful intention, resolve to achieve

smell-perception received from directing the mind

Jennifer-known aspect of conscious mind

head-how the dreamer thinks

hand-the Self’s purpose


Julia is in a place in mind where she is aware of many different states of consciousness and ways of thinking.  She walks into a room full of men conducting a shura.  People in power positions and positions of respect and authority represent aspects of our superconscious mind.  Julia is connected to and aware of many aspects of her inner authority.  They smile and wave and there is a peaceful feeling, showing that Julia is on good terms with her superconscious mind. The men are wearing traditional garb from pre-Islamic tribal times indicating that Julia expresses her highest self to the outside world with a sort of ancient reverence, perhaps, or sense of ceremony.  These superconscious aspects are involved with decision-making.  Julia was likely making choices within the day or two before this dream and was using superconscious mind to help make them.

Next the dreamer moves into a different state of consciousness and sees many disciplined aspects of subconscious mind.  They are dressed like soldiers except the one Marine has something pink on underneath.  When vibrant colors stand out in a dream they indicate the dream is taking place in subconscious mind.  Lower level dreams may be perceived as black and white and gray.  The higher levels of mind may be experienced in pale pastels or shades of white.  The pink color suggests that Julia expresses her discipline to the world with an awareness of it coming from the subconscious.  She asks the soldier to say hello to her friend, Jennifer.  Julia needs to think of two adjectives to describe this friend in order to determine more precisely what part of her conscious mind she is trying to connect with here.

Arms, purposeful intention, wrap around the dreamer, and she notices a smell.  This shows that the dreamer is  able to perceive information and ultimately connect with this aspect of self by directing and disciplining her mind.  The friend puts her chin on Julia’s head, calling attention to the dreamer’s ways of thinking and indicating an alignment between Julia and this aspect.  Then the friend takes Julia’s hand and leads her into a new state of consciousness.  Hands represent purpose.

By connecting with superconscious aspects and disciplined aspects of subconscious and by purposefully directing the mind Julia was able to align with an aspect of conscious self.  She was then able to move into a new state of consciousness or way of thinking; perhaps one that will help connect her more strongly to her purpose.  Awesome dream, thanks for sharing it.


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