Crow February 25, 2011

Filed under: Dream Interpretation,Intuition,Metaphysics — Jenny Turkyilmaz @ 10:03

Well I was at this Park, a familiar park. And there was this giant crow! About 50 lbs. The crow just kept talking smack to me, I don’t remember what the crow was saying exactly but it was pissing me off. So I started kicking it over and over repeatedly on the neck. Then the dream ended.

-Agustin M.


park-subconscious mind

crow-habitual thinking in the subconscious mind, aka permanent understandings gained in previous lifetimes that are not consciously realized at this time

violence-destructive thoughts

neck-pertaining to the communication of the true Self and the use of will


At the time of this dream Agustin is connecting with subconscious mind.  He encounters a huge bird representing a large repository of knowledge stored but not being consciously used in the subconscious mind.  The idea is that we all incarnate into different physical forms over many lifetimes.  During each life we gain certain permanent understandings which are then carried forward with us into all future undertakings.  The trick is being able to recognize these understandings and connect with them in every new incarnation so that the full wisdom we possess can be utilized to help us further learn and expand and grow.  Agustin senses a familiarity in this park, as if he’s been there before.  The bird communicates with him, and Agustin becomes infuriated and begins to attack the bird in the neck.  This suggests that Agustin is rejecting his own inner wisdom and is actively attempting to deny it.  The fact that he is kicking it, using his feet to attack it, implies that the wisdom and knowledge being denied is of a spiritual nature.  Feet represent our spiritual foundation, and it seems that Agustin is using his current spiritual beliefs to deny truths he has already added onto the Self.  He is experiencing destructive thought patterns that are prohibiting him from truly connecting to and becoming aware of the skills and qualities he already possesses.   He might want to take a look at how he is using his will in daily life and also how he is expressing himself to others.  Is he honestly communicating his thoughts and ideas and beliefs?  Or is he denying some truth about the Self?


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