Coffee Shop Fiasco December 24, 2011

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I dreamt that when everyone fell asleep I decided to go to a coffee shop to read and fell asleep at the table. When I woke up I noticed that a thief took my credit card, drivers license and house key, so I rushed home to find my front door open and woke up just as I walked in the door. I woke up at 3 in the morning with my heart pounding.

-Stephanie M.


Sleeping: in this context this symbol refers to a states of rest and assimilation

Coffee Shop: a place in Mind to receive stimulation in thinking (coffee)

Book: information accessible to the dreamer

Asleep: in this context this symbol refers to a state of unconsciousness, a falling into habitual, unaware thinking

Table: support for receiving knowledge

Thief: an unknown part of Self ‘stealing’ from the dreamer

Credit Card: a tool for giving/receiving/assessing value

Driver’s License:  identification of Self

House Key: tool for accessing parts of Mind

Home: a familiar state of Mind

Front Door: a means to move into other parts of Mind


While familiar parts of Self i.e., the part of subconscious committed to creating a whole, functioning Self (husband) and new, developing aspects of Self (children) are resting and assimilating knowledge, Stephanie leaves a familiar state of Mind seeking greater stimulation in her thinking.  She has the intention of receiving conscious awareness of information/knowledge available to her but instead falls into a state of unconsciousness.  In dreams if you or others are asleep at night in a bed then sleep suggests a state of assimilation.  If you sleep in an inappropriate place or time or out of context you can be assured that there is a tendency toward unconscious mental habits being highlighted.

When Stephanie moves into a state of greater conscious awareness she realizes a part of Self has been stealing from her. This means that a part of Self has an attitude of taking rather than producing for the good of the whole Self. Due to the activities of this taking aspect, Stephanie finds she is missing tools related to value, Self identity, and freedom to access parts of Mind. This implies strongly that when Stephanie goes unconscious & habitual in her thinking she loses some stability in the Self and difficulty is created for her in those three areas. The fact that her home is open shows that the tendency to fall into unconscious thoughts is beginning to affect her “where she lives” and ignoring the impact of the unconscious thought patterns is getting harder and harder to do.  Nightmares are always messages from subconscious Mind that really need to be listened to.  Probably hints have been coming to Stephanie for a while now about these tendencies in her thinking, but she hasn’t yet been able to fully understand them with her conscious Mind.

It would be important for Stephanie to notice when she tends to seek information or thoughts simply because they are stimulating. When she is pursuing thoughts/activities only to foster some mental excitement rather than with the purpose of adding permanent understandings to the Self it seems she has a tendency to fall into the unconscious/habitual thought patterns that are causing her problems here. I wonder if Stephanie tends to feel bored or unproductive when she is in fact assimilating something new? Concentrating on the importance of assimilation might be useful to her, as well. Being still is not synonymous with being unproductive.



surgery December 21, 2011

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I was brushing my teeth and when I noticed there was some blood, I looked in the mirror and it was actually my throat that has bleeding. My fiancé took me to the hospital and the doctor said my vocal cords were damaged and had to operate immediately. After the surgery was done, and i was awake from the anesthesia, the doctor came into the room and told me the damage was irreparable and I could never speak again. Then I woke up.

-Karla G.


teeth: tools for assimilation of knowledge

brushing teeth: purifying the means by which you assimilate knowledge

blood: Life Force energy

mirror: means for viewing the Self objectively

throat: use of Will Power and communication

fiancé: committed aspect of subconscious Mind

hospital: place in Mind having to do with healing/creating wholeness of Self

doctor: superconscious aspect; here an aspect involved with eliminating destructive thought patterns

surgery: elimination of destructive mental attitudes in order to create more wholeness in the Self


In the day or two before having this dream, Karla was in a process of purifying her thinking regarding how she assimilates and uses new knowledge.  She notices a leaching off of life force energy and initially thinks it may be due to this new, upgraded way she is assimilating knowledge.  When she looks in the mirror and sees herself objectively she realizes the loss of life force is coming from her throat.  This area is related to the 5th chakra, the seat of will power and communication.

Her fiancé, a committed aspect of subconscious Mind who wants Karla to use her whole Mind, takes her to the hospital.  Karla needs to think of two or three adjectives to describe her fiancé.  This will clarify what specific part(s) of Self are helping her achieve a state of Mind conducive to healing and wholeness.  At the hospital Karla connects with the doctor, an aspect of superconscious Mind.  The superconscious is the part of Self that holds the complete plan for personal growth and spiritual development.  It is the part of Self that understands the individual’s connection to the Infinite Whole, the Source, and all things.  The doctor informs Karla that there are destructive attitudes that she holds regarding communication and the use of will power and immediately works to eliminate these destructive patterns of thinking.

During surgery Karla is unconscious.  This suggests to me that even though her superconscious and subconscious Minds are working to eliminate destructive patterns regarding communication and will power, Karla is not consciously engaged in this process.  After the surgery the doctor states that there is damage to her ability to communicate and use her will power that cannot be repaired.  I believe this is dependent on the level of conscious effort Karla puts into changing these patterns.  She cannot simply allow her inner authority to do all the work.  There must be an awakening in the conscious Mind where she identifies the patterns of thinking that are holding her back in her communication and takes active steps to purify and transform them.

I would recommend that Karla meditate daily and also write down her dreams every morning.  Before bed she can present a question to her subconscious Mind asking for clarification regarding the destructive thought patterns and how best to change them.  She might also want to simply put some conscious attention throughout her day on how she communicates and how she uses her will power.  Clues might begin to surface as to where and why the unproductive thought patterns present themselves.  Practice speaking truth, even if at first it’s just by journaling.


bloody eye December 20, 2011

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I was hanging out with my wife and her mother in her parents kitchen. I then went in the bathroom to pee and as I was washing my hands and looking in the mirror, blood was dripping from my right eye down my cheek! my mother in law is generous and busy; my wife is thoughtful and insecure.

-Jeff G.

wife=part of subconscious mind committed to creating a whole, functioning Self using all levels of Mind.  (thoughtful and insecure)

kitchen=a place to prepare and receive knowledge

mother-in-law=superconscious aspect (generous and busy)

bathroom=place for purifying thinking

pee=releasing things that are no longer needed


mirror=objective view of Self



blood=life force energy (the enervating, vitalizing energy of creation)



At the time Jeff had this dream he was connecting with both subconscious and superconscious levels of mind. Subconscious and superconscious aspects never possess what we would consider to be ‘negative’ qualities. Therefore when Jeff describes his wife as being thoughtful and insecure it indicates that there are attitudes of thoughtfulness and insecurity in Jeff that need to be considered and looked at more closely here. In that same vein, when he describes his superconscious aspect as being generous and busy it is those qualities in himself that are being highlighted.

So, at the time of this dream Jeff was in a connected state of mind where he was aware of knowledge available to him. He was also in a state of purifying his thinking and releasing thoughts and attitudes that were outdated and no longer serving him. After releasing what was no longer needed he was able to purify his purpose. Once he did that he received an image of how he was truly viewing his Self at the time of this dream. Blood (life force energy) is coming out of his right eye. This suggests that the way Jeff was perceiving his future at that time was causing a drain on his vitalizing energy. The blood drips down his face, suggesting that whatever the attitude was that was causing the energy drain may be something Jeff considers to be a part of his identity. This is, however, a misconception because thoughts and attitudes can always be changed. When he does change these thoughts/attitudes he will probably feel greater physical energy and vitality as he will no longer be ‘bleeding off’  life force.

It is very likely that the qualities of insecurity and busy-ness discussed in the beginning of this dream are directly linked to the thoughts/attitudes leading to the loss of energy when Jeff is looking toward his future. He should keep in mind that he is also thoughtful and generous. Perhaps placing the attention more consciously on recognizing and developing those qualities would assist him in moving away from the less productive ones shown to him in this dream.