surgery December 21, 2011

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I was brushing my teeth and when I noticed there was some blood, I looked in the mirror and it was actually my throat that has bleeding. My fiancé took me to the hospital and the doctor said my vocal cords were damaged and had to operate immediately. After the surgery was done, and i was awake from the anesthesia, the doctor came into the room and told me the damage was irreparable and I could never speak again. Then I woke up.

-Karla G.


teeth: tools for assimilation of knowledge

brushing teeth: purifying the means by which you assimilate knowledge

blood: Life Force energy

mirror: means for viewing the Self objectively

throat: use of Will Power and communication

fiancé: committed aspect of subconscious Mind

hospital: place in Mind having to do with healing/creating wholeness of Self

doctor: superconscious aspect; here an aspect involved with eliminating destructive thought patterns

surgery: elimination of destructive mental attitudes in order to create more wholeness in the Self


In the day or two before having this dream, Karla was in a process of purifying her thinking regarding how she assimilates and uses new knowledge.  She notices a leaching off of life force energy and initially thinks it may be due to this new, upgraded way she is assimilating knowledge.  When she looks in the mirror and sees herself objectively she realizes the loss of life force is coming from her throat.  This area is related to the 5th chakra, the seat of will power and communication.

Her fiancé, a committed aspect of subconscious Mind who wants Karla to use her whole Mind, takes her to the hospital.  Karla needs to think of two or three adjectives to describe her fiancé.  This will clarify what specific part(s) of Self are helping her achieve a state of Mind conducive to healing and wholeness.  At the hospital Karla connects with the doctor, an aspect of superconscious Mind.  The superconscious is the part of Self that holds the complete plan for personal growth and spiritual development.  It is the part of Self that understands the individual’s connection to the Infinite Whole, the Source, and all things.  The doctor informs Karla that there are destructive attitudes that she holds regarding communication and the use of will power and immediately works to eliminate these destructive patterns of thinking.

During surgery Karla is unconscious.  This suggests to me that even though her superconscious and subconscious Minds are working to eliminate destructive patterns regarding communication and will power, Karla is not consciously engaged in this process.  After the surgery the doctor states that there is damage to her ability to communicate and use her will power that cannot be repaired.  I believe this is dependent on the level of conscious effort Karla puts into changing these patterns.  She cannot simply allow her inner authority to do all the work.  There must be an awakening in the conscious Mind where she identifies the patterns of thinking that are holding her back in her communication and takes active steps to purify and transform them.

I would recommend that Karla meditate daily and also write down her dreams every morning.  Before bed she can present a question to her subconscious Mind asking for clarification regarding the destructive thought patterns and how best to change them.  She might also want to simply put some conscious attention throughout her day on how she communicates and how she uses her will power.  Clues might begin to surface as to where and why the unproductive thought patterns present themselves.  Practice speaking truth, even if at first it’s just by journaling.


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