Coffee Shop Fiasco December 24, 2011

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I dreamt that when everyone fell asleep I decided to go to a coffee shop to read and fell asleep at the table. When I woke up I noticed that a thief took my credit card, drivers license and house key, so I rushed home to find my front door open and woke up just as I walked in the door. I woke up at 3 in the morning with my heart pounding.

-Stephanie M.


Sleeping: in this context this symbol refers to a states of rest and assimilation

Coffee Shop: a place in Mind to receive stimulation in thinking (coffee)

Book: information accessible to the dreamer

Asleep: in this context this symbol refers to a state of unconsciousness, a falling into habitual, unaware thinking

Table: support for receiving knowledge

Thief: an unknown part of Self ‘stealing’ from the dreamer

Credit Card: a tool for giving/receiving/assessing value

Driver’s License:  identification of Self

House Key: tool for accessing parts of Mind

Home: a familiar state of Mind

Front Door: a means to move into other parts of Mind


While familiar parts of Self i.e., the part of subconscious committed to creating a whole, functioning Self (husband) and new, developing aspects of Self (children) are resting and assimilating knowledge, Stephanie leaves a familiar state of Mind seeking greater stimulation in her thinking.  She has the intention of receiving conscious awareness of information/knowledge available to her but instead falls into a state of unconsciousness.  In dreams if you or others are asleep at night in a bed then sleep suggests a state of assimilation.  If you sleep in an inappropriate place or time or out of context you can be assured that there is a tendency toward unconscious mental habits being highlighted.

When Stephanie moves into a state of greater conscious awareness she realizes a part of Self has been stealing from her. This means that a part of Self has an attitude of taking rather than producing for the good of the whole Self. Due to the activities of this taking aspect, Stephanie finds she is missing tools related to value, Self identity, and freedom to access parts of Mind. This implies strongly that when Stephanie goes unconscious & habitual in her thinking she loses some stability in the Self and difficulty is created for her in those three areas. The fact that her home is open shows that the tendency to fall into unconscious thoughts is beginning to affect her “where she lives” and ignoring the impact of the unconscious thought patterns is getting harder and harder to do.  Nightmares are always messages from subconscious Mind that really need to be listened to.  Probably hints have been coming to Stephanie for a while now about these tendencies in her thinking, but she hasn’t yet been able to fully understand them with her conscious Mind.

It would be important for Stephanie to notice when she tends to seek information or thoughts simply because they are stimulating. When she is pursuing thoughts/activities only to foster some mental excitement rather than with the purpose of adding permanent understandings to the Self it seems she has a tendency to fall into the unconscious/habitual thought patterns that are causing her problems here. I wonder if Stephanie tends to feel bored or unproductive when she is in fact assimilating something new? Concentrating on the importance of assimilation might be useful to her, as well. Being still is not synonymous with being unproductive.



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  1. You actually make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this matter to be actually something which I think I would never understand. It seems too complicated and very broad for me. I’m looking forward for your next post, I’ll try to get the hang of it!

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