Life-time Supply of Cauliflower January 10, 2012

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I was picking my dog up from a doggie day care. They lady handed him to me and said “He looks bad. The scabs will go away quickly, but we had to burn off the fleas” I was in shock “But he doesn’t have fleas! He’s never had fleas!.” (He was all mangy looking when they gave him to me) >- so i put him in the car with me and went back to get the kids, but for some reason we were at a hotel (high-rise) and we were going to park in the garage, but my sister who was driving was impatient about the entrance because there was a line of cars, so she turned into the exit and caused a jam. So I jumped out and ran into the hotel, but entered through the restaurant by mistake and felt awkward. >-the hotel turned into a movie theatre. I remember it was painted royal blue inside, but can’t remember much about what happened during this movie theatre scene.  But the movie theater ended up being Church at some point.  – and at some point my dog came back into dream. He looked normal again, but as I was petting him, I noticed fleas all over him. And on the white t-shirt that I was wearing in the dream and in real life to sleep in. >-so I was leaving to get in the car with one of my sons and we were walking around the building across a huge parking lot (now with hotel again in the background) … we cross the lot to where our car is parked, only now I am alone again. And the row of cars are lined up facing a window where a sort-of quiz show is happening. Me and unknown other people (who felt like friends) were playing along with others who are on the other side of the window. One of those inside was my last college boyfriend before I met my husband. – I was impressed how good-looking he still was and commented to the “friend” next to me “I didn’t know he went to Church.”  – and while I was saying that. Our team apparently won and these ladies started bring out buckets full of cauliflower florets and dumping them into our cars. Everyone was happy. And I wanted to use the cauliflower in a smoothie with my new Magic Bullet™

-Rebecca D.


Dog= habit in the thinking

Lady= unknown part of conscious mind

Car= physical body

Hotel= place in Universal Mind

Sister= well-known aspect of conscious Mind

Garage= a place for physical rest

Restaurant= a place in Mind for preparing and receiving knowledge

Movie theater= a place in Mind for creative imaging

The color blue= related to communication (throat chakra)

Church= a state of Mind having to do with superconscious awareness

Fleas= habits

T-shirt= how you choose to express Self to outside world

Son= well-known, developing aspect of subconscious Mind

Window= a means for awareness

Quiz show= a way to assess knowledge

People= unknown aspects of Self

Old boyfriend= well-known part of subconscious Mind

Cauliflower= valuable knowledge


An unknown part of Rebecca’s conscious Mind directs her awareness to the fact that a familiar habit in her thinking is not as attractive as she previously thought.  There is some resistance to this idea, and she denies that any new habits (fleas) exist.  She and developing parts of Self (children) are driven by Rebecca’s sister to a hotel.  Rebecca needs to find two descriptive adjectives for her sister to help determine what part of Self was in control of her physical body in the day preceding this dream.  What qualities were expressing through her physical experience that day?

A hotel is a place in Mind where many, many parts of Self come together.  There was an intention to allow the physical body some rest and restoration when she arrived at this place, but the sister was too impatient and would not allow it.  A small amount of chaos was caused by this impatience, and the body was denied its rest.  Rebecca ran out of the car (indicating racing thoughts) and entered the hotel through the restaurant.  Through this rapid mental motion she has unwittingly found herself in a place where she can receive knowledge yet it is perceived by her as being uncomfortable and awkward.

Next the hotel morphs into a movie theater, a place for creative imaging. Creative imaging is simply the practice of using thoughts to imagine things and subsequently manifest those thoughts in the physical. She does not remember the content of the film which makes me suspect that perhaps she is creating things in her physical reality without full awareness and direction. Blue is the color of the throat chakra, having to do with communication and the use of will power, which helps to clarify where Rebecca might want to put some more attention.

Then the theater morphs into a church.  This is a place in Mind where Rebecca has an awareness of and a connection to her inner authority, her superconscious Mind.  The dog shows up again and, lo and behold, he has fleas.  Fleas are habits in the thinking that leach Life Force (blood) from their host.  This suggests that these habits supported by the original habit (the dog) are actually destructive to Rebecca and impact her physical vitality.  Rebecca notices that the fleas do not remain isolated to the dog but are also on her t-shirt.  This shows that these habits are now encroaching upon how she presents herself to the outside world.

Next Rebecca is leaving with a new, developing, well-known part of subconscious Mind.  Again, she should think of two adjectives to describe her son so she can pinpoint more clearly what part of Self is being described here.  She encounters a window, a means for receiving awareness, and a quiz show is taking place.  She is with strangers who feel familiar.  They are all unknown parts of Self that she is just beginning to identify and connect with.  The quiz show is a means for drawing forth understandings and knowledge that Rebecca already possesses.  In this place Rebecca connects with a well-known part of her subconscious Mind, the ex-boyfriend.  Again she needs to describe two qualities he possesses to help determine more clearly what part of Self is being represented.  She finds this part of her Self attractive and is impressed and surprised that it is connected to superconscious Mind.  Once she makes this connection she “wins” and receives a lifetime supply of cauliflower.  Food is knowledge and cauliflower is a very healthy, valuable source of knowledge.  She is happy to receive it and has plans for how she will use it.

Rebecca is becoming aware of how a seemingly harmless habit in her thinking has spawned many other habits that are not so benign.  A habit related to an attitude of impatience is alluded to that is impacting her physical body and vitality by not allowing sufficient rest and restoration.  There is also a certain unconsciousness in how she is using her will power and powers of communication to create things in her physical experience.  Once Rebecca acknowledges that these habits do indeed exist her Mind opens up to superconscious awareness and knowledge she possesses. She reconnects with an attractive part of her subconscious Mind and sees it in a new way.  This allows her to unlock new, valuable knowledge available to her.

I would suggest Rebecca practice consciously exercising her will power and notice how she uses it throughout her day.  The same goes for communication.  Communicate the thoughts truthfully and with purpose, either out loud or by journaling. Lastly, be sure to take the time needed for physical rest.  Our bodies are our vehicles in life, and we need to tend to them with care and love in order to fully experience all the physical has to offer.  Thanks for sharing!


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