Beaches January 12, 2012

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We were traveling along the Gulf Coast. Throughout the dream the skies were gray and it was windy – the kind of weather before a coastal thunderstorm blows in. At our first stop we hosted a dinner party in a very chic, minimalist but expensive highrise. There was a lot of stainless steel in the decor, it was up high but the storm shutters were closed so there was no view. During the party prep work, we found out some friends had gotten engaged and this led my boyfriend and I to get into a simmering disagreement about his unwillingness to propose, in the dream I realized that he will never propose bc he really doesn’t want to grow up. I was sad but couldn’t dwell on it as dozens of guests started to arrive and I had to take care of them. We invited interesting friends and acquaintances people some i know in real life and others who I don’t really know. I particularly remember a bearded middle-aged beachcomber wearing orange shorts and a white t-shirt. We started running short on food. I remember there was kale and there were yams with parmesan and we keep making the portions increasingly smaller. The guest of honor, Rawlins Gilliland (local writer and radio commentator), was late. And we were stumbling to entertain guests.

After dinner, at another coastal location I was inspecting an animal shelter and thinking of pulling dogs for rescue. The building had skylights and high white walls for the dogs individual pens but was a little dimly lit. It was a clean shelter, but a little grim like all shelters are. I was looking at the dogs and evaluating, trying to figure out how I could get them all into safe places and feeling a little overwhelmed that I couldn’t place them all. Then it was on to the next beach stop, an old cattle ranch by the seaside where I was with a group of girlfriends staying at the ranch owned by one of their curmudgeonly widowed grandfathers. I was writing some kind of blog with one of my friends and we set up our computers on an old, sturdy formal dining table. We took pics of each other in a dining room full of vintage furniture but short vases full of fresh roses so we could post on the blog since we were trying to communicate that this was a working vacation.

There was a porch swing out front and I remember looking forward to making time to fly kites on the shore that was close to the front of the house.

-Lucy R.


Coast= dividing line between subconscious and conscious Minds

Boyfriend= well-known part of subconscious Mind

Gray skies= unclear awareness of superconscious Mind

Highrise= place in Universal Mind with connection to superconscious Mind

Dinner party= place in Mind where many aspects come together to receive knowledge

Windows= means for awareness

Engaged friends= parts of conscious and subconscious committed to creating a whole, functioning Self

Disagreement= disharmony

Guests= known and unknown aspects of Self

Beachcomber= unknown subconscious aspect with connection to conscious Mind

Kale, et al= valuable knowledge

Rawlins Gilliland= known subconscious aspect having to do with communication

Animal Shelter= place where many habits in the thinking are tended

Skylights= means for superconscious awareness

Walls= limitations in the thinking

Ranch= state of Mind

Girlfriends= parts of conscious Mind

Grandfather= superconscious aspect

Writing= communication

Computer= brain

Dining room table= support for receiving knowledge

Photos= creative imaging

Roses= subconscious Mind substance

Porch swing= support for thinking

(kite)= use of imagination in regards to superconscious Mind


During the day or two before this dream Lucy was using both conscious and subconscious Minds.  The sky is gray which indicates that Lucy has some awareness of superconscious Mind, but it is incomplete and hazy.  The fact that she believes a storm is on the way suggests that she feels that superconscious awareness may bring some uncontrolled or disharmonious conscious life experiences to her (water in any form represents conscious life experience.)  Lucy is traveling with her boyfriend.  He represents a well-known aspect of subconscious Mind.  She needs to describe him in two or three adjectives to pinpoint specifically what qualities of Self she is connecting with at this time.

They make their way to a fancy high-rise.  This is a place in Universal Mind that Lucy considers to be quite valuable.  They move high up into the building, again showing a certain awareness of superconscious Mind.  Yet the windows are boarded up indicating a refusal of awareness.  Lucy appears to be limiting her experience of her inner authority due to a fear regarding conscious life experiences.  What will happen in her life if she allows herself to fully receive her inner Self, her real authority, her connection to all things?

They are throwing a dinner party, bringing many parts of Self (known and unknown) together for the purpose of receiving knowledge. In this state of Mind Lucy becomes aware of two parts of Self who have already made a committment to create a whole, functioning Self using ALL parts of Mind (conscious, subconscious and superconscious.) She is sad and in disharmony with her well-known part of subconscious Mind because she feels that commitment will not be made by him due to an attitude of resistance to change.  Keep in mind, subconscious aspects of Mind hold nothing but truth and wisdom.  Any seemingly negative or unproductive attitudes they hold in our dreams is a reflection of our own attitudes.  Lucy is clarifying here exactly what is keeping her from fully using her whole Mind…a fear of maturing and moving into a new level of growth and understanding of Self. It is important to note that she truly wants  to commit to herself.  Now that she is beginning to understanding the limiting attitude she will be able to build upon that desire for wholeness and produce it more and more.

The guests arrive and Lucy notices a beachcomber.  He is a part of subconscious Mind who has been with her for a long time (middle-aged) even if she has not had conscious awareness of him until now. He is a part of subconscious Mind at home with the conscious Mind, as well. Clothes represent how we choose to present ourselves to the outside world. How does Lucy feel about his beachcomber shorts and t-shirt? Hair represents conscious thoughts.  Faces represent our identity.  How is Lucy expressing her thoughts about the subconscious? How do these thoughts present themselves in her outer identity?

The food being served is very nutritious so there is an awareness that the knowledge being produced by Lucy and her subconscious is quite valuable. Yet an attitude of lack seeps in.  There is a mistrust that there is enough knowledge to go around to all these different aspects of Self.  This is an imagined limitation on the part of Lucy, as there are infinite resources in the Universe and infinite resources in the Mind.  The guest of honor, Rawlins Gilliland, is a known part of subconscious Mind who has to do with communication within the Self.  This communication with Self is valuable to Lucy, but there is a worry about being able to fully receive this Self understanding.

Next Lucy moves to an animal shelter.  This is a place in Mind where many, many habits in thinking are tended to and cared for.  There are skylights in the shelter, indicating again a certain level of superconscious awareness or at least a potential for it.  High white walls stand out, showing that theses habits are creating limitations for Lucy.  The place is dimly lit, again showing a lack of awareness.  Lucy is attached to these habits and is sad when she considers not being able to hold onto all of them.

Last stop is a cattle ranch.  This is a state of Mind that has some relationship to mental habits (cattle.) Lucy is with several aspects of conscious Mind and is also in contact with a superconscious aspect (the old grandfather.) Being male he represents an aggressive aspect of superconscious Mind, aka a part of Self that takes action.  He is a widow indicating that this part of Self is perceived by Lucy as being disconnected from the receptive part of superconscious. She describes him as being “curmudgeonly”.  This indicates how Lucy interacts with and perceives her inner authority.

Lucy is trying her hand at communicating with parts of Self (writing a blog) and sets up her computer on the dining room table.  This suggests that Lucy is being ‘brainy’ in her attempts to communicate with Self.  She is focused in the physical instead of trusting her inner Self to communicate.  She uses the dining room table to support her braininess rather than to receive knowledge (food) which is the purpose for which dining room tables are more specifically intended.  Then she and her friend (aspect of conscious Mind) take pictures of themselves (use imaging skills) in front of roses (subconscious Mind substance) and old furniture (support for thinking. The fact that they are antiques indicates they are perceived as being valuable.) This is an attempt for Lucy to prove to her Self that her braininess is in fact productive and is not just messing around with no purpose.  This is the work of the Ego attempting to rationalize a reluctance to move forward into a more adult (truly productive) and aware Mind-set.

Lucy notices a porch swing outside which represents support for thinking outside of the confines of this specific state of Mind.  She imagines flying kites.  Since she doesn’t actually see a kite or fly one this doesn’t count as a dream symbol, but it does color the meaning of the dream.  What this suggests is that Lucy is not fully buying her own Ego-written story, and she knows there is more for her to experience and receive and imagine in the subconscious and superconscious Minds.

When we lose an old, worn-out, unproductive Ego-identity we open ourselves up to being more of who we really are.  It can feel like a sort of death and can trigger a desire to stay where we are due to fear of the unknown.  Try to remember that the true you is more wonderful than you can imagine with your conscious Mind. Grow, learn, and trust in the infallible workings of your whole Mind. Prepare to be dazzled by the person you become.


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