Show Tunes January 13, 2012

Filed under: Dream Interpretation,Intuition,Metaphysics — Jenny Turkyilmaz @ 10:32

I was in a bedroom that was attached to a breakfast nook area. It was all open. I spontaneously jumped up from the chair I was sitting in and began happily belting out show tunes. All of a sudden Neil Patrick Harris appeared out of the breakfast nook area and began singing with me. We were good friends, and we just sang smiling and enjoying being together. It was a lot of fun.

-April P.


Bedroom: a place for assimilation of knowledge

Breakfast Nook: a place to receive knowledge

Chair: support for thinking

Singing: harmony in the thinking

Neil Patrick Harris: an imagined aspect of subconscious Mind (talented, ambitious, productive)


In the day before having this dream April was in a process of assimilating newly received knowledge. Her Mind was open, and she was aware of the potential for more knowledge to be made available to her (breakfast nook.) Breakfast is the morning meal, and the breakfast nook is a subtle symbol suggesting that April is in an early stage of learning with the knowledge she is receiving here.

After assimilating and directing thought toward what is being learned, April is able to create harmony in her thinking. Once she does she connects with a part of subconscious Mind that is productive, ambitious, and talented (how April describes Neil Patrick Harris) in order to create even more harmony in her thinking. Because Neil Patrick Harris is a celebrity whom April has not actually met he represents how April imagines this part of her Self to be. Still being in an early stage of learning she has not yet fully connected with this part of Self or consciously integrated it into her Self.

April should keep doing whatever it is she’s doing! She is making strides towards knowing the truth about who she is and receiving a very valuable part of Self into her consciousness. Once she fully receives this part of Self she will be able to create in harmony, with joy and ease, and will be using more of her whole Mind to do so.


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