The Universal Language of Mind™ January 17, 2012

Filed under: Dream Interpretation,Intuition,Metaphysics — Jenny Turkyilmaz @ 11:15

There are many, many dream dictionaries and schools of thought out there about dreams in this great big, varied, and beautiful world of ours. So what is the Universal Language of Mind™ and why do I use it to interpret dreams?

The Universal Language of Mind™ is a system of thought based on 40 years of research by the School of Metaphysics. It pulls information from ancient cultures, great religions, inspired thinkers (such as Carl Jung), and subconscious Mind to create a comprehensive description of the symbols used by the subconscious in the dream-world. There is a book about the ULM called The Dreamer’s Dictionary (written by Dr. Barbara Condron), and when I first read it I felt I was being reintroduced to a language I had once fluently spoken. It clicked almost instantaneously, and thus began a new chapter in my life as a dream interpreter. This is a role I hope to continue to expand and develop in order to reach as many people as possible.  When people consciously understand and use their dreams they will begin to unlock the true genius each of them holds inside.

The basic concept of the Universal Language of Mind™ is that it applies to anyone, anywhere, and at any time. For example, if a man in ancient Rome and a woman in present-day Siberia both had a dream about taking a bath it would mean the same thing.  These people (separated by gender, time, culture, geography, and spoken language) would have both received a message from subconscious Mind about a state of purification they were in at the time they had the dream.

I believe there is truth to many different approaches to dreams. Dreams are beautiful and complex things that depend very much on the individual’s beliefs and thoughts about them. However, in my experience the Universal Language of Mind™ has proven itself to be a pristinely accurate means of interpretation that ultimately cuts to the core of the dream-message from the subconscious. I have interpreted many dreams for many people, all of whom hold unique attitudes and beliefs. As far as I know 100% of them have received an understanding from the Universal Language of Mind™ that rang true on a very personal level regardless of their background or preconceived notions.


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