Queen of Soul February 8, 2012

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I dreamed I went to a seminar of some kind, and it turned out to be at Aretha Franklin’s house. I said something that made Aretha like me, and we became buddies. I remember feeling very proud and special that Aretha and I were friends. She had lost a lot of weight, and she looked good in her jeans. I remarked how great it was that she just got engaged at age 70. Then, when I went outside, I noticed that someone had stolen the wheels off my bicycle, and I was really hurt by that. I was carrying the frame around, and I took it into Aretha’s house, but she was out shopping for a dining room table and chairs. She was sending me phone pics of tables and chairs she was considering. Again, I was very pleased to be her friend.

-Rachel S.


Seminar: a place in Mind where many parts of Self come together for a common purpose.

Aretha Franklin: imagined aspect of conscious Mind having to do with creating harmony in the thinking.

House: state of Mind

Buddies: a state of harmony between aspects of Self.

Lost weight: being overweight is symbolic of feeling self-protective in regards to the external world/people. losing weight implies a release of a self-protective attitude.

Jeans: clothes represent how we choose to present ourselves to the outside world.

Engagement: a commitment to subconscious Mind is underway.

70: the number 7 represents Creative Imagery. the zero behind it emphasizes the significance of the seven.

Bicycle: the physical body, specifically having to do with being balanced in the use of the physical.

Wheels: ability to move forward toward goals in the physical.

Dining room table/chairs: support for thinking, specifically having to do with receiving knowledge.

Phone: means to communicate within levels of Mind.

Photos: creative imaging.


At the time Rachel had this dream she was moving into a state of Mind having to do with creating harmony in her thinking. This state of Mind belongs to Aretha Franklin. Since Aretha is a celebrity whom Rachel has not personally met she remains an imagined aspect of conscious Mind. When Rachel imagines creating harmony in the way she thinks, she envisions it to be like Aretha Franklin; powerful, valuable, awesome. Rachel is delighted to connect with this idea of what she would be like if she were more harmonious in her thinking.

Aretha has lost weight, showing some realization on Rachel’s part that she is letting go of an unproductive attitude she has had about self-protection or that she COULD let go of such an attitude. She can imagine how great it would be to be free of it and also how the way she expresses herself to the outside world would improve by releasing it.

Aretha is engaged, showing that by developing harmony in her thinking Rachel would be able to move closer to committing to her subconscious Mind and tapping into all the wisdom and intuition therein. Rachel makes a remark about Aretha’s age, 70. Seven is the number of creative imaging, underlining again the theme of this dream…imagination. Rachel can see that by productively directing her creative imaging skills she will be able to create changes in how she (and others) sees herself, and she can engage more completely with her Self and the world around her.

Next Rachel moves outside into subconscious Mind and sees that the wheels are missing off her bicycle. This suggests that Rachel perceives some difficulty in moving with balance in the physical toward her goals. She believes the wheels have been stolen even though no thief is to be seen. This indicates a certain mistrust towards Self. Rachel may believe that some parts of Self are “stealing” from her and keeping her from moving as freely in the physical as she would like. This is probably a specific area in which she needs to develop more clarity and harmony in her thinking. She brings the frame into Aretha’s house showing that Rachel has some understanding that she needs to heal this misperception regarding the use of the physical body by bringing herself into a more harmonious state of Mind.

Aretha’s gone shopping for a dining room table and chairs. The imagined aspect of Self that has the power to create harmony is actively seeking tools to aid Rachel to think and receive knowledge. The phone shows that Rachel is using an ability to communicate within levels of Mind. Through this communication she sees how she is using her creative imaging, ie figuring out specifically how to support her thinking and receive new knowledge in order to become more harmonious in her thinking.

Great dream showing a lot of new understandings beginning to grow about how powerful the imagination is when used productively. If Rachel can stay clear and purposeful with her images and cultivate greater trust in her Self (and the world around her) she will soon possess all the power and skill she values in Aretha Franklin and will be able to create anything she wants in a harmonious state of Mind.