You Little Thief March 27, 2012

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Why did I rob my parents house the other night in my dream? Jewelry, I think it was.

-Charles W.


ROBBERY: an attitude of taking

PARENTS: superconscious aspects of Self (aka Inner Authority, God-head)

HOUSE: state of Mind

JEWELRY: valuable Self-expression


In the day or so before this dream Charles was connecting with thoughts and ideas about his superconscious Mind. Therefore in his dream he finds himself in a state of Mind (house) belonging to superconscious Mind. While there he finds jewelry. This suggests that Charles sees great value in connecting with his superconscious. He seems to want to present himself to the world as someone connected to superconscious and all the value that he sees therein, but he steals in order to do so. Perhaps Charles doesn’t fully trust his connection to his Inner Authority and is therefore forcing it in some way. There is an aggression in the act that belies a certain “lack” mentality or insecurity.

An attitude of taking is best remedied by giving. Give whenever the opportunity presents itself, to Self and others. By giving Charles will start seeing his Inner Authority in action and will start to see how much value and abundance he actually already possesses.

I would recommend that Charles try to remember that his superconscious is not something outside of him. Rather it IS him. It is the oldest, wisest part of Self, and he always has access to it if that is his intention. Disciplining the conscious Mind, meditating on a daily basis, listening to his dreams, and cultivating a giving mentality will all assist Charles in creating a secure, open line of communication with his highest Self.


Running Late

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I sometimes have dreams of being late to the SAT’s or late for an important meeting.

-Jennifer N.


SAT’s: a test is an assessment of what has already been learned. Specifically the SAT’s suggest adolescent learning.

MEETING: a coming together of aspects of Self for a specific, common purpose having to do with adult productivity (how you are creating more in life than you are using.)


I’m pretty sure almost all of us can relate to dreams where we are late for something important. The overriding attitude of a “late” dream is usually anxiety. This attitude is present in both of Jennifer’s examples, though there are certainly differences between the two dreams.

The first, being late for the SAT’s, shows that in the day or two leading up to this dream Jennifer was worrying about her ability to draw forth knowledge she has had for some time. Her dream is showing that she is doubting her ability to call upon and use information and understandings she developed long ago (Jennifer is a grown woman, not an 18-year old SAT-taking kid.)

The second shows a similarly anxious attitude, but this time it is directed at her present learning and productivity. When she has this dream her subconscious Mind is letting her know that she is doubting her ability to show up and be present and use her adult learning to create.

Anxiety is a symptom of scattered attention. I would recommend that whenever dreams like this pop up for Jennifer that she choose to still her mind with concentration exercises, meditation, and/or prayer. This will still her conscious mind and make her more receptive to the truth that she is fully capable of learning, creating, and using the great wealth of wisdom she already possesses. The objectivity that comes with a still mind will help eliminate the tendency to fall into anxious thinking.


To be lucid or not to be March 9, 2012

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I just found myself stuck in a Lucid dream. It wasn’t terrifying until I realized I was having it and couldn’t get out of it. I was in the same house I live in now, only in a more industrial city. My room was the same but only have my bed and there were stains on the floor and everything looked so old. My current roommate and her boyfriend was there and a guy we work with. We were packing up Christmas decorations. I had several cards from people I’ve missed and they were all signed but none of the signatures were legible. I just know they were from people I loved. My dog is there, she’s a 60lb pit/lab/boxer mix, I go to pick her up as realize she’s only the size she was when she was a puppy. I leave the room and come back and the valentine’s Day decorations were out. But after a quick turn around the Christmas ones were out again. I picked up one of the ornaments and looked at my roommate and I said “I don’t know why, but this doesn’t feel right.” I work in the food industry and the ornament looked like I had the skin of an onion, but I knew it shouldn’t have cracked like that. I peeled off the layer and the second layer was so weak it just broke in half. I put it back together and I could see it wasn’t going to be the same and I made it turn into ash/nothing in my hand. I picked up another ornament and just focused on it and did the same thing. I looked at my roommate and I told her “I’m having a dream right now, I know it, but I can’t wake up from it” and this may sound crazy, but in my dream I just didn’t want to. Wanted to sit for a second longer even though I didn’t like the house in my dream. She looked at me and said “oh you’re not in a dream, we’re all just here, don’t worry”. I knew I had to find a way to go to sleep to re wake up. I started to look in the eyes of the people that were around me and as soon as I focused on them, their eyes turned red and they vanished, just like the ornament. I grabbed a blanket, wrapped it around me, and just squeezed my eyes and was shuddering SO hard and could seriously start to feel my bed and kind of waking up, but I wouldn’t completely leave the house I was in my dream. So I stayed wrapped up, hobbled out of exhaustion to my bedroom, which was the much uglier version of my bedroom, and curled under the covers in bed. I felt like the similar situation would help me wake up to the real world. I immediately fell asleep and started having flash backs of the industrial city and multiple others scenes that seemed to only last seconds before I felt my body forcefully trying to respond to my mind and I finally got the release, opened my eyes, was sweating, and wondering how the hell I made it back to reality.

Also, in my dream I was taking a nap at one point and my roommate said “you still have to be tired, you were only asleep for 10 minutes.



House:  state of Mind

Industrial city: a city is a place in Mind where many aspects of Self come together. The fact that it’s an industrial city makes me think that this state of Mind has to do with understanding the functional process of how the dreamer is thinking at the moment.

Bedroom: place for assimilation

Stains/old: a worn-out attitude

Roommate (woman): a known aspect of subconscious Mind. (motherly, over-caring, understanding)

Roommate’s Boyfriend: a known aspect of conscious Mind. (worrier, self-concerned, lonely)

Workmate: a known aspect of conscious Mind. (simple-minded, dumb, good intentions, unaware)

Christmas decorations: Christmas represents a connection with superconscious awareness.

Cards: communications from parts of Self

Signatures: identity

Dog: a habit in the thinking

Valentine’s Day decorations: a connection with an idea of love

Onion-Ornament: food is knowledge

Eyes: perception

Red: the color of the root chakra

Blanket: shows how thoughts are being used in waking life

Falling asleep: going unconscious

10: represents the power of unity

To begin, Mr. X finds himself in a state of Mind that is familiar but which he is now experiencing as old, unattractive, and dirty. The stains represent things that are no longer needed but that are sticking around. There is a need for purification in the thinking here. In the day or two before having this dream X was engaging in thinking that he had previously engaged in but with which he is now finding himself unsatisfied. The town is industrial, suggesting to me that he is starting to delve into the nitty-gritty underpinnings of why he is in this state of Mind and what it is all about.

He finds himself in his bedroom, a place in Mind for assimilation. There is likely new knowledge that has recently been made available to X and assimilation is now called for.

He finds himself with known aspects of conscious and subconscious Mind.  Conscious Mind is the awareness we hold when we are awake. It is physically-minded, and its power is Reasoning (the use of memory, attention, and imagination to create.) The conscious Mind helps move us toward experiences which assist us in our learning and growth. It is young and intimately connected to the animal brain. Subconscious Mind is the part of us that holds permanent understandings, wisdom, and can see lines of probability. Its power is Intuition, the direct grasp of truth.

In the day before this dream X connected with a well-known and beloved part of subconscious Mind that he describes as being motherly, over-caring, and understanding. Subconscious never possesses negative attributes (not does superconscious) so whenever there is a quality described that is negative or ambivalent it is actually describing the way the dreamer is thinking in regards to that part of Self or simply how the dreamer is misperceiving their inner wisdom. Here he describes his roommate in glowing terms but states that she is over-caring. Why does he believe his subconscious cares too much about him? This could be a question of Self-value needing to be bolstered. Or perhaps he has simply been relying too much on conscious Mind to direct him and guide him in his life, and the Ego finds subconscious involvement a bit cloying.

X had also recently connected with two parts of conscious Mind, both of whom possess qualities that could be perceived as negative. There is a well-known aspect who experiences loneliness, worry, and a certain attitude of Self-involvement (which likely is at the root of the loneliness and isolation felt.) And there is another aspect of conscious Mind that is recognized as being simple, dumb, well-intentioned but relatively clueless.

With conscious awareness of all three parts of Self, Mr. X is packing up Christmas decorations. Christmas in a dream represents an awareness of Superconscious Mind. You think subconscious is good? Superconscious is even better! It is the part of Self that is connected to all things, that holds the blueprint for creation and knows exactly why we are each incarned here. It knows our soul purpose. It has been referred to as the God-head or Christ or Buddha-consciousness. It is our Inner Authority. So Mr. X has an awareness of superconscious Mind and has connected with it. He is now trying to put that awareness away. He finds cards from parts of Self that he knows he values and loves, but the signatures are illegible. This suggests that his unwillingness to fully embrace his awareness of and connection to his inner authority is keeping him from fully identifying very valuable parts of Self.

Then the dog shows up. Animals (and insects) represent habits in the thinking. The habits may be useful, unproductive, or neutral. Yet they are all unconscious. To know the Self we have to dig deep and start uncovering our unconscious thought patterns (not to be confused with the Jungian idea of ‘unconscious’ which is really subconscious in my vernacular.) He picks up this big habit and realizes she’s actually just tiny, showing that the habit he has regarding his Inner Authority is not as daunting as he had previously imagined.

Once he makes this realization he walks back in the room and sees Valentine’s Day decorations. This implies an awareness of love, likely in this instance love from superconscious Mind. Instantly the Christmas decorations are back out. That pesky superconscious really wants to stay connected to him!

He picks up an ornament and it looks like a weird onion hybrid. Food is knowledge. Christmas-y stuff is superconscious awareness. Remember earlier on when I said X had likely received knowledge recently that he was being called upon to assimilate? I think we know what that knowledge had to do with. He tries to analyze and interpret this onion/ornament from a very physical perspective “it shouldn’t be like that!” and the knowledge crumbles to dust in his hand. Using the conscious, physical perspective is limiting X’s understanding of his superconscious Mind. Hands, by the way, represent purpose.

Don’t forget, Mr. X is relatively lucid throughout this dream. He comments on it and his subconscious aspect says basically “Hey, don’t worry about it. Just allow yourself to experience in the Inner levels of Mind. You don’t need to be concerned with the physical right now.” The fact that he is lucid in the first place shows an innate ability to connect with Inner levels of Mind. Yet there is resistance to receiving from these parts of Self.

Then X looks in the eyes of his cohorts, and the eyes turn red and vanish. Red is the color of the root chakra which has to do with creating in the physical. It is most powerful when we have an Ideal (a clear image of who we want to become) and a Purpose (what we will learn and add onto ourselves by becoming our Ideal) that are in alignment with our Highest Selves and are coming from the desires of the soul. The disappearing red eyes suggest to me that X is having a little difficulty perceiving how to create effectively in the physical right now.

He then grabs a blanket and goes into his bed and closes his eyes and wills himself to sleep. This shows an attitude of avoidance and a desire to go unconscious when presented with the challenge of figuring out how to connect with his purpose and draw it forth into the physical.

He says that at one point his roommate says he must be tired because he only napped for 10-minutes. 10 represents the power of Unity. Here it seems clear that the power would come from allowing a unification of the levels of Mind. Telling the conscious Mind to be still and allowing the subconscious and superconscious freer rein in X’s thinking would be greatly beneficial. Napping suggests a states of assimilation (which seems to be needed right now) which is not the same as the forced sleep at the end of the dream which is a hiding from responsibility to Self by going unconscious.

X obviously has a natural ability to connect with all levels of Mind. This is a gift. However, there is an egoic resistance present at the moment that is keeping him stubbornly refusing a full experience of Self. This potential to create a whole, functioning Self using all levels of Mind (which all of us have, btw) is a powerful and beautiful thing.  I recommend that X start a daily meditation practice if he doesn’t already have one. I also recommend that he clearly define an Ideal and Purpose for his life right now and then take consistent, daily physical actions toward fulfilling them. It could be as little as making a to-do list or as big as writing that book he’s had on the back-burner for ten years. It can be anything as long as it’s in alignment with his high-Minded, honest, clear, exciting, resonant Ideal and Purpose.