Running Late March 27, 2012

Filed under: Dream Interpretation,Intuition,Metaphysics — Jenny Turkyilmaz @ 13:03

I sometimes have dreams of being late to the SAT’s or late for an important meeting.

-Jennifer N.


SAT’s: a test is an assessment of what has already been learned. Specifically the SAT’s suggest adolescent learning.

MEETING: a coming together of aspects of Self for a specific, common purpose having to do with adult productivity (how you are creating more in life than you are using.)


I’m pretty sure almost all of us can relate to dreams where we are late for something important. The overriding attitude of a “late” dream is usually anxiety. This attitude is present in both of Jennifer’s examples, though there are certainly differences between the two dreams.

The first, being late for the SAT’s, shows that in the day or two leading up to this dream Jennifer was worrying about her ability to draw forth knowledge she has had for some time. Her dream is showing that she is doubting her ability to call upon and use information and understandings she developed long ago (Jennifer is a grown woman, not an 18-year old SAT-taking kid.)

The second shows a similarly anxious attitude, but this time it is directed at her present learning and productivity. When she has this dream her subconscious Mind is letting her know that she is doubting her ability to show up and be present and use her adult learning to create.

Anxiety is a symptom of scattered attention. I would recommend that whenever dreams like this pop up for Jennifer that she choose to still her mind with concentration exercises, meditation, and/or prayer. This will still her conscious mind and make her more receptive to the truth that she is fully capable of learning, creating, and using the great wealth of wisdom she already possesses. The objectivity that comes with a still mind will help eliminate the tendency to fall into anxious thinking.


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