You Little Thief March 27, 2012

Filed under: Dream Interpretation,Intuition,Metaphysics — Jenny Turkyilmaz @ 14:30

Why did I rob my parents house the other night in my dream? Jewelry, I think it was.

-Charles W.


ROBBERY: an attitude of taking

PARENTS: superconscious aspects of Self (aka Inner Authority, God-head)

HOUSE: state of Mind

JEWELRY: valuable Self-expression


In the day or so before this dream Charles was connecting with thoughts and ideas about his superconscious Mind. Therefore in his dream he finds himself in a state of Mind (house) belonging to superconscious Mind. While there he finds jewelry. This suggests that Charles sees great value in connecting with his superconscious. He seems to want to present himself to the world as someone connected to superconscious and all the value that he sees therein, but he steals in order to do so. Perhaps Charles doesn’t fully trust his connection to his Inner Authority and is therefore forcing it in some way. There is an aggression in the act that belies a certain “lack” mentality or insecurity.

An attitude of taking is best remedied by giving. Give whenever the opportunity presents itself, to Self and others. By giving Charles will start seeing his Inner Authority in action and will start to see how much value and abundance he actually already possesses.

I would recommend that Charles try to remember that his superconscious is not something outside of him. Rather it IS him. It is the oldest, wisest part of Self, and he always has access to it if that is his intention. Disciplining the conscious Mind, meditating on a daily basis, listening to his dreams, and cultivating a giving mentality will all assist Charles in creating a secure, open line of communication with his highest Self.


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