Dream Flavors April 2, 2012

Filed under: Dream Interpretation,Intuition,Metaphysics — Jenny Turkyilmaz @ 12:04

There are three main categories of dreams that all of us experience at one time or another.

The first is your generic, run-of-the-mill, nightly dream. Regular dreams are beautiful, topical, specific messages from subconscious Mind that give us a snapshot of where our consciousness is at any given moment. For example, if I’m really scatterbrained during my day then tonight I will likely have a dream that indicates a racing, disorganized mind. Maybe I’ll be running fast down a street in the dark. Or perhaps I’ll have lost something and be searching frantically for it. Maybe there will be policemen coming to arrest me; an indication that more discipline in my thinking would be beneficial. However if I am in a curious, seeking, balanced state of mind during my day I might have a dream of being in a university classroom, receiving knowledge from superconscious Mind. Or perhaps I’ll be eating a feast with my parents and my husband, indicating a connection to all parts of Mind and a receptivity to knowledge. These are just a few examples of the many ways we communicate with our Selves about where we are in our spiritual development and in our thinking.

The second category is health dreams. These are really cool, and they give us a great heads-up if we’re paying attention. Any small vehicle in your dream represents your physical body (bike, motorcycle, car, small boat or airplane, etc…) If you have a dream where your car or other small vehicle breaks down or has some physical problem please take heed. This is your subconscious Mind’s way of letting you know that some imbalance is taking place in your physical body. For example, two weeks ago I dreamed a man slashed all the tires on my car. Four days later I came down with strep throat. A friend had a dream once that her car blew up in a massive explosion. Within two weeks a chain of events occurred that led to a broken foot, a serious knee injury, and surgery. Our thoughts create the conditions in our bodies. We all have the potential latent within to manifest every known disease as well as to manifest perfect, enduring health. Unfortunately I am not yet a master of my thoughts or else I would have been able to change my thinking after the health dream I received and prevent the manifestation of dis-ease in my body. It is possible, though, and we all already do it to one level or another. Just pay attention and see what kind of thoughts are leading to certain imbalances in your body. Over time and with practice you will be able to improve your general state of health.

The last category is precognitive dreams. This is not magic, and it does actually happen. The subconscious Mind is waaaay older than our conscious Mind. It has a vast repository of knowledge stored within, more than we can comprehend with our young conscious Minds. Within this vast repository of knowledge our subconscious can draw lines of probability. This is why sometimes you might dream of someone you haven’t thought of or spoken to for a decade, and the next day you run into them at the grocery store or they call you out of the blue. There are many examples of these kinds of dreams, some as dramatic as forecasting a death or a natural disaster or as humdrum as foretelling the topic of a radio show you hear on the way to work or what’s being served for lunch at school.

Keep in mind that all dreams can be interpreted and used for your growth and development, even health dreams or ones that later “come true.”