Dreams and Screams October 10, 2012

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Ahem, Bathroom Dreams… October 3, 2012

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Using the bathroom and everything that entails may be one of the most frequent dream topics people tell me about (hush-hushed and behind closed doors.)  Sometimes people dream they can’t get to a bathroom in a moment of need. Othertimes the bathroom they find is hideously filthy. Or with no privacy. Or there may be some difficulty in flushing or cleaning up afterwards.

Using the bathroom is symbolic of releasing old, unwanted patterns of thinking. When a dream like this comes around it shows you that there is some conscious recognition that it’s time to let go of something that may have served you once but is no longer useful to your soul growth and development.

Look to the ease or the difficulty with which this happens in your dream. If there are challenges in completing the task, it may mean you’ve only been able to partially release what’s no longer needed or aren’t able to do it at all yet due to some attachment to the old or fear of the new. If you have no privacy and are embarrassed, this suggests that releasing the old ways is causing you to express yourself more openly and honestly, and showing more of the true Self may be causing you to feel a little uncomfortable.

Bathroom dreams can be very helpful in shining light on the areas where we tend to hold onto old, outdated ways of thinking and, conversely, where we easily and completely let things go. Sure, these dreams can be gross, but they’re full of just as much wisdom and truth as any other symbol we receive from subconscious mind.